Collaborative Robotics as Specialized Tool in Arts and Crafts

The French National School of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) launches the “Specialization Master” “ColRobot is expert in collaborative Robotics for the industry of the future”. Supported by the industry Alliance of the future and industry leader in the sector (ABB). Training will welcome its first students in September 2016, on the campus of Lille.

The goal of this specialized master, supported by industrialists in the sector which include Dassault Aviation, Thales Alenia and Renault SAS… is twofold. The teaching team aims to train experts and managers working robotics able animate and carry out a program for the introduction of the Robotics, or take responsibility for an activity in robotics in a large enterprise. It also wishes to train project managers able to design, realize and work robotic production cells and systems by giving them a global knowledge of the sector of activity, associated equipment and developments in short terms.

Training for experts in robotics as well as project managers and team leaders.

The 400 hours of training to get the diploma ColRobot are devoted to the design, integration, implementation of an agile cell, the robotic, the study of the place of the man in the factory of the future and the formulation of necessary technology and production tools emerging industrial. A professional mission for six months in a company, a laboratory or a full body training Students are supervised by teachers-researchers of Arts and Material Specialists in robotics, as well as professionals of the sector.

Who can apply?
– Holders of a french or foreign diploma
– A scientific postgraduate degree holders
– The employees and job seekers