Climb on walls like Spiderman, Stuttgart University Toys

Climb on walls and weave nets made of carbon fibers: Spider robot, developed by engineers from Stuttgart University. Architects will create hitherto impossible structures with the Spidermen.

Maria Yablonia seems to have no fear of spiders. As the student of the Institute for Computational Design (ICD) of the University of Stuttgart has developed two robots for dissertation, take along two chains on walls. Fans that create a vacuum provide the liability.

Carbon fiber comfortable hammock

The robots handle carbon fibers screws that are screwed into the wall. During the construction, the small workers communicate with each other and Exchange fibers. So arise filigree nets, which are not only chic look but also robust. So robust that a grown man can put like in a hammock.

Stuttgart University Toys
Foto: ICD, Institute for Computational Design

Which seems to be not yet clear however even the engineers jobs that could take over robots in the future. “We are still at the beginning, to explore the architectural potential of this manufacturing system”, says the online magazine Dezeen ICD Director Achim Menges.

Stuttgart Toys
Foto: ICD, Institute for Computational Design

“We are however convinced that the main advantage is that entirely new structures can be achieved, which could be otherwise impossible alternative.”

Robot work in schools of the future

The next step of the project: The robot should receive more freedom of movement, so far they depend on a power cable. In the future they should on the ceiling also also upside down can go and work in larger swarms. Then even larger structures could can be realized even outdoors between buildings, away from production halls. “The mobile robot free the robot factory by the constraints of the production hall”, write the ICD engineers.

Foto: ICD, Institute for Computational Design

The issue of carbon fiber networks for the ICD is not brand new. In the past, the engineers with industrial robots have KUKA built the so-called Elytra filament Pavilion a 200 m2 large experimental building, stands in the courtyard of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the potential of fiber-based lightweight construction systems to show.

University experiment also researchers in the U.S. Harvard with robots, to build complex structures based on swarm intelligence of the future.