Civil Engineers Warn: Dam in Mosul is about to collapse

Iraq’s largest dam is located near the city of Mosul is a serious threat to many cities and their inhabitants. The disaster can come in virtually any time.

Dam in Mosul was attacked and hijacked by soldiers from Islamic State in 2014. There is then a real threat that the Islamics want to destroy the object to create float wave and sank the city. About two weeks later, Iraqi soldiers and Kurds managed to retake the dam, but the danger has not been averted. Many engineers still did not returned to their positions and not resumed regular maintenance.

If the dam collapse, Mosul along with the locals will be completely flooded. The same applies to cities on the Tiger. It is believed that in such a situation, the capital of Iraq would be flooded in the next few days. This would have disastrous implications for the entire country and radical Islamic certainly would use the opportunity to take Baghdad.

Iraq has signed a contact with an Italian company that will take care of the repair of the dam. On the site there are also soldiers who will be at this time to protect the facility, but the repair will run until 18 months. It is estimated that if the dam is destroyed, the death of the bear collect a few hundred thousand to a million people.