CIA behind attack on Apple’s App Store

CIA behind the attack on Apple’s App Store as the hacker attack is clearly marked, the American Central Intelligence Agency might be stuck. In Internet indications have emerged that the CIA is said to have infected the development tool Xcode Ghost for Apps. Meanwhile becoming apparent that not 300, more than 4,000 special programs will be affected.

The American security company Palo Alto Networks suspected a few days ago that 34 apps from the Apple Store by hackers with malicious software infected XcodeGhost hack. The Chinese company Qihoo360 Technology believed that there are ten times as many. Both were wrong. There are more than 4000, as the data security company FireEye now reported.

But not ordinary hackers allegedly infected Xcode. Xcode is the development environment, able to write apps using the independent Apple programmers. The CIA should have his fingers in the game, especially especially Apps were infected, which are popular in China.

Especially affected Chinese Apps from Hack

Apple, which was written with the spread in China version Xcode Ghost unnoticed listening, from the data of the user. The malware sends only data to a control center, which can tap passwords and other sensitive data. As mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be networked together to transfer the malicious programs to other devices when the corresponding function is not switched off.

Especially affected Chinese Apps from Hack

The trade magazine “The Hacker News” reported that the method, which have now applied the hacker, has already been described in documents that the former intelligence official Edward Snowden has released years ago.

Hacker method can be found in Snowden documents – CIA behind attack on Apple’s App Store!

In the documents describes how the CIA infiltrates backdoors in iOS apps without the knowledge of the developer. The pattern of the past is like the present-day approach to Xcode Ghost. This now allows the Internet speculation arise that the CIA was behind the attack on the App Store, to capture data in China.

Evidence does not have the journal, however. And Daniel Lueders, who writes for the Internet platform “Curved”, also does not believe that the CIA is behind it. In fact – if at all – this behavior rather be trusted the controversial NSA, who has been fishing in the world for data.

The US security firm Appthority has checked apps for malware and discovered nearly 500 affected programs. On the positive side the company’s experts noted that there is no indication that the malware also has access to data stored in the cloud. Conclusion is simple: CIA is behind attack on Apple’s App Store