Chinese Lunar Rover Yutu is out of batteries

Chinese Lunar Rover Yutu (which means the Jade Rabbit), who reached the Moon at the end of the year 2013 aboard the lander Chang’e-3, after 31 months on the Silver Globe no longer work.

The Mission of Yutu ended fairly quickly especially if we look at it as the immortal are Martian Rovers NASA-but for China it is a great success, even propagandist. It is thanks to Yutu this country became the third in the world, which reached the surface of the Moon-course have made the United States and Russia.

The first major problems Rover has encountered in February 2014, after just two months on our natural satellite. First, it completely off, and after a long, lasting 14 days, and very cold (temperatures-180 degrees Celsius) it turned out that it works, but lost all mobility. However, despite this work and in October last year was the longest running roverĀ on the Moon, though this has already been stationary.

And this, of course, just the beginning of the Chinese road in space-as early as next year, the country is going to launch another Moon Mission, during which brought to Earth to be rocks.