China: Largest Artificial Waterfall

Since January of this year, tourists can admire the beauties of the Aqua Park in Kunming, in Southwest China. Its main attraction is an artificial waterfall, which is one of the largest of the Tupua objects in Asia. The waterfall is around 400 meters wide and 12.5 meter height. It is built  to regulate water levels and prevent flooding in the region. See how this amazing artificial construction.

Kunming has long been regarded as one of China’s most livable cities. Known as the ‘Spring City’ for its equable climate, it remains a very pleasant place to kick back for a few days. For visitors who haven’t succumbed to the laid-back attitude displayed by the locals, there are plenty of temples and national parks nearby (including the legendary Stone Forest) to keep you busy.

China Largest artificial waterfalls
China Largest artificial waterfall

The largest man-made waterfall in Asia has opened to the public in Kunming in China’s Yunnan Province. The diversion will not only help reduce flooding in the Niulan River but will also function as water supply for emergencies. The project took 2 years to finish and cost 1.1 billion yuan (roughly 150 million euros). A park was created around the waterfalls for public viewing free of charge. The waterfalls is 12.5 meters high and 400 meters wide, and was created as part of a project designed to divert water from the Niulan River into Dianchi Lake, the biggest freshwater lake in Yunnan.

China Largest artificial waterfall took 2 years to finish

China Largest artificial waterfallsChina Largest artificial waterfall

Traffic jams that were unknown a few years ago, are now a regular occurrence. Yet, the essentially easy-going nature of Kunming is, thankfully, still the same. Of course like other Chinese cities, the face of Kunming is constantly changing and many old neighborhood have been torn down to make way for shopping malls.