Engineering Technology

China is Building Floating Nuclear Power Plants

The Director of the shipyard of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, said that the demand for this type of construction is very large. Already it is estimated that China will need at least 20 floating nuclear power plants. There are also ensuring that they use exclusively for civilian use.

It’s about construction and energy projects currently being conducted in the South China Sea. It is known that his bottom is rich in oil. In turn, the Islands themselves are very important from the point of view.

The South China Sea is considered a boiling point. The right to arrogate to itself Paracel Islands there, China, Viet Nam, the Philippines and Malaysia. In turn, the Spratly Islands in China, Taiwan, Viet Nam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

The first floating nuclear power plant is scheduled to be ready by the end of 2018 and begin work a year later.