China Attract Tourists With An Artificial Eco-Island

China attract tourists with an artificial eco-island

The famous Palm Island Dubai Gets a replica in China. In the South China Sea should also be an artificial island to the hotspot for tourism. Hotels, yacht marinas, a water sports paradise and a pier for cruise ships are planned. The island has designed the New York architects Diller Scofidio + Rentro.

or Chinese the tropical island of Hainan, is only a few kilometers from the Mainland located in the South China Sea, long a popular vacation destination. Here, the climate is warm and dry, there are white beaches and azure waters. Although Chinese traditionally avoid the Sun, but this setting changes apparently at least partly. The tourist streams on the island with nine million inhabitants have grown strongly in recent years.

250-acre island is to become the tourism center

And where do you want the growing flow of tourists to Hainan? Group HNA, which is active above all in the aviation and tourism, now came up with the idea to build an artificial island to the HotSpot. An artificial island, about two km off the coast of Haikous belongs to the group, which is headquartered in Hainan Island capital city Haikou.

Not surprising that HNA came up with the idea to take advantage of the tourism potential that lies at their feet,. The 250-hectare island in half moon shape should be expanded in the next few years to the gigantic tourist magnet.

China Attract Tourists With An Artificial Eco-Island

How the Islands could develop, subject of an international design competition was first. Under the leadership of Vicente Guallart, former Chief Architect of the city of Barcelona, ten architectural firms took part. The purpose was a strategic vision for the “South Sea Pearl eco Iceland” to develop with an urban development according to ecological principles, the best possible technologies and excellent design.

As it was now known, has the New York architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro competition won, followed by Norman Foster + partners of London and Morphosis architecture from Los Angeles on the second and third place.

Port for two large cruise ships

Diller Scofidio + Renfro want to open up the Island South Sea Pearl, which is connected to the island of Haikou, on a bridge, in two sections. Areas for aquaculture and agriculture, homes and hotels with everything the discerning luxury tourist desires of entertainment, sports and shopping facilities are planned. Including a marina and one that can go in the two large cruise ships at anchor are provided, two ports.

China Attract Tourists With An Artificial Eco-Island

“Our Studio has fiddled some months about how we deal with the land mass and how we integrate the entire building programmer with the smallest possible ecological footprint and in a natural form. We have found a combination of nature and culture”, says Elizabeth Diller, one of the founders of the winning architectural firm.

In fact, her long-time partner, Ricardo Scofidio, Elizabeth Diller and the later partner Charles Renfro have some experience with unusual architecture concepts. The team has built quite a few museums in addition to residential and commercial buildings and planned large park-like landscapes.

China Attract Tourists With An Artificial Eco-Island

The design by Diller and its partners had convinced the jury. The strength of the draft is its clarity, the jury wrote. The island will designed as natural and beautiful landscape, in memory of the volcanic crater shape of the area. The apartments, resorts and shopping are compact and efficient set, allowing enough space for farming, recreation and cultural facilities would remain.

Planned artificial island on the North Sea

Completely different in mind with an artificial island in the North Sea has the power grid operator TenneT. He wants to pour a habitable island on which not only manufacturers of wind parks in the North Sea can live and work. There, the current will be systematically collected and converted.

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