A child from a cover band Nirvana 25 years later

Regardless of whether you are fans of the band Nirvana did not cover one of their discs to be remembered by you. I mean the album Nevermind, which features a photo of a naked monkey jump, dipped in the pool, grab at the greenback.


Readers of the magazines Rolling Stone rated it as the third most recognizable cover of all time.

Delightful little dot Spencer Elden is currently 25. the summer male, and decided to celebrate the Jubilee of the famous album posing for an identical photos (almost). Spencer had a plan to pose completely naturally, and so naked, but the photographer John Chapple, show however, it would be better if in shorts.

 I mean the album Nevermind

For the sake of fidelity to tradition, Chapple had paid a man $ 200 standing, which is exactly as much as for sharing his son got his parents.