Cheapest way to make a house | Hobbits Cave

Live in a cave, just like the Hobbit Frodo from LOTR? No problem: A Mexican company has developed the Green Magic Homes – small houses, which can be planted up.

Christmas is coming and there is no new Mr. the Rings film. What to do? To simply build an own Hobbit-cave, Green Magic Homes suggests. The company has designed a modular system from Mexico. From a small one room cave for Bachelors for nearly $14,000 up to the large families cave with four rooms for around 61,000 euros, anything is possible so. Modules for additional rooms or garages at any time can be built on.

Hobbit fans put together their burrows itself and create a cheapest way to make a house

For the construction of the own cave, the owner must not even ask a construction company. According to Green Magic Homes, he can assemble the modules with support from friends in a few days even, anchored in the ground and insert then prefabricated Windows and doors. Adroitly, he comes out in the laying of water pipes and electric cables without plumbers and electricians. It is only some muscle strength required. Because the modules weigh about 40 kg per m2 – 4 t makes a 100 m2 large family cave anyway.

Then there is gardening. The builders must cover the cave initially with 20 cm of Earth and may then let their imagination run. You can grow exotic plants, vegetables, small trees, or a simple lawn. They must only ensure that they do not exceed the total weight of 200 kg per m2.

Photos of proud owners around the world show: then nothing reminds us more of an ordinary House. The cozy caves are almost one with the landscape, almost like in Middle-Earth. At the same time, the soil provides for thermal insulation. For this, the Earth may not freeze of course. That’s why future caves farm in southern climes should settle.

Cheapest way to make a house
Building this houses is really cheap and easy. You can have your house with garage for a less then 15k euros.

Caves withstand even earthquakes of magnitude 10, how much cheaper it can get?

Are the caves at all safe? According to Green Magic Homes are far safer then any others. Because the modules consist of a fiber glass reinforced plastic that withstands environmental disasters themselves. He can withstand easily, for example, an earthquake of magnitude 10, without having the foot hair stand the new Hobbit.

For comparison: in 1960, the largest earthquake of the 20th century earned a magnitude of 9.5 in Chile. And the cave is able to withstand cyclones, also. This is ensured by their round shape, which offers little attack surface to the wind. And of course, the caves are waterproof and soundproof.