CES 2016 Top Car Show

A touch screen that does not even need a touch, or pedestrian as shining ones: The Interior of modern cars is to the hologram, in which the driver must give only a small hint. Almost autonomous driving, so it shows the CES in Las Vegas. While many women want to have continued even in driver.

Build the car manufacturer and IT visionaries to the needs of the customers passing by? One could get the impression if you were to look at the highlights of the Electronics Show CES in January and the results of a recent survey. The latter showed: only a barely one-third of all men would want to keep control of the vehicle, in the women’s are more clear with 46%.

CES 2016 Top Car-show
At the CES 2016 shows Bosch in a show car a new way of communication between man and technology. Dashboard and center console are combined in a purely electronic display. Its contents adapt to the current environment of the vehicle. Photo: Bosch

The number of those who trust the autonomous car do not (yet) about the way, is certainly high, as the survey shows the automotive industry on behalf of the Association. Also consumers trust rather the traditional automobile manufacturers as suppliers of software or Internet companies such as Google, to really successfully bring a self-propelled car customers.

For the first time its own Hall for car manufacturers.

The industry, however, is apparently sure that these doubts are dwindling and growing confidence in the technology. Just the classic car-makers take every opportunity to promote their idea of the mobility of the future. No wonder, then, that they have become a part of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for a few years. And when the new edition of one of the global IT trade fairs (6th-9th. January 2016), the car companies get an own Hall even for the first time.

CES 2016 Top Car-show
Also 2016 presented novelties around the television at CES. LG will want to present at the electronics show some innovations to the ultra-high resolution television and thereby introduce new networking opportunities for the domestic TV set with the Smartphone. Photo: CES

There also German companies like Mercedes, Audi and BMW present themselves in this year. Among the suppliers, Bosch in particular stands out: the Stuttgart present a complete vision of the networked car of that drives not only largely independently, but by the way even after controls the “smart home”.

Bosch’s innovative touch screen.

Already before the fair, the Organizer characterized Bosch for its innovative touchscreen, which despite a highly sensitive screen when the user creates a tactile feeling, the impression it so to press a right button. This is made possible by the device produces different surface structures themselves. So the driver to can use the display without looking: reducing the distraction.

Bosch presents a show car, the center console and dashboard in a purely electronic display are United at CES. That should serve also the security, because if such a pedestrian from the right, the screen displays this through a change in the lighting design.

Out of the car the postman at home let.

The car of the future is of course linked to its environment – also the more distant. Bosch presents in his show car, among other things, how heating or alarm system in your own home with the car-IT can be controlled. The pathway runs but also vice versa: a package Messenger at the door, ringing the driver can open this and acknowledge also the reception of the package with the push of a button. Also the drones landing site in the rear to perceive a function as delivery or shopping service, presented by a Swiss sports car specialist at CES.

CES 2016 Top Car-show
Touch screen with haptic feedback: the displayed buttons on the touch screen by Bosch as realistic buttons feel, so that the orientation when the control is often also possible without looking. The view can remain in this much more often on the road. Photo: Bosch

However, already the plan a virtual immunity from notifications is clearly serious and concrete: In the new year Bosch wants to a cloud-based warning system already offer, the risk to send all drivers in the affected road section within a few seconds.

Touch screen without touch.

The car-maker even advertise for (partially) autonomous driving also with the issue of security, but also comfort and pure joy of the game. So, BMW introduces a further development of his gesture control at CES, which is available in the current 7 series and allowing, for example, to change the volume of the radio with simple finger gestures in the air.