Ceres on the new NASA photos

NASA published a series of new pictures from Ceres Dwarf Planet circulating inside the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. What are the craters and mysterious shiny spots on them?

Images taken by the probe Dawn show not only a remarkable area of the planet, but they are also a source of new puzzles, which will faces NASA scientists. One of the most interesting formation of course is the mighty crater Occator “complicated geometry”, which indicates the geological activity and derived.

The crater found on the video below. NASA announces that it has 91 km in diameter and over 4 km depth. The Dawn spacecraft had already been noted that the Interior is shiny, which correspond to the smooth walls with salt-magnesium sulphate.

The surface of the globe is extremely varied and in addition to numerous craters is also mountainous areas and valleys.

The biggest interest of scientists will raise, however, the crater of the Oxo, which most likely is the water. This is a young and relatively small formation with a diameter of less than 10 km.