CAS decision on Sharapova, the Olympics without Russian

Initially, the CAS announced the decision to release in mid-July, but on Monday it was announced that the procedure will be delayed until September. The struggles of the Olympic Games in Rio will run from 5 to 21 August.

“Maria Sharapova and the International Federation of Tennis (ITF) have agreed to postpone the decision to CAS until September 2016. Both parties will require additional time to complete and submit the appropriate documents, there were also conflicts. The decision is expected on September 19, 2016” said in a statement.

the 29-year-old Russian in March admitted that she had a positive anti-doping test on meldonium. As she explained, had used specific for many years due to health problems and not noted that from 1 January on substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency banned list (bug). on June 6, was disqualified for two years by the Court of justice by the ITF, and three days later through lawyers filed an appeal to CAS, counting on the complete abolition of capital punishment.

Five times the winner of grand slam tournaments “fell” on the control at this year’s Australian Open. Later she appeared in any official tournament, initially-at least officially-because of injury.

By the beginning of the term of disqualification ITF concluded on January 26. This means that the results of the Quarterfinals at the Australian Open, where she reached the quarter-finals, will be canceled, and the Russian will have to give away all the earned money in Melbourne.

Born April 19, 1987 in Niaganiu is that the greater part of the life she spent in the United States, including won 35 tournaments on the WTA. On the Court earned a total of about 36.8 million dollars.