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Cartel built a air-cannon to “shoot” drugs cross the border

When it comes to smugglers, imagination knows no boundaries. Mexican federal services were last in the vicinity of the border with the United States van, where the pace was the homemade gun used to rollover (literal) contraband on the other side of the Rio Grande.

Cartel built a air-cannon to "shoot" drugs cross the border

The truck, as it turned out, had suspected a notch in the roof, and after closer inspection it turned out that this hole leads tube connected to the compressor. Compressed air by him-as it considers police-serve to parcels of drugs across the border, right under the noses of departments, which were those borders to defend.

Good news is that air-cannon was not made by engineer but by an amator

This is not the first such invention, because a few years ago in the Mexican-American border found a homemade catapult. Later, the smugglers for some time switched on the drones, but it looks like that to fight with them, the border guard has a weapon, since all devices drugs return to grace.

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