CarMaker Space to Earth Technology

Nissan decided to lose weight. In dropping undue weight to help the reduce materials and improve techniques used in sports car or aerospace industry. Carmaker reaches even to the the space shuttle.

Nissan has announced that it intends to reduce the mass offered by each passenger cars, both in 2016 and later. Fitness program Japanese brand called “Lightweighting Excellence”.

Nissan adjust and design materials and design from Space to improve product

Grabbing the extra pounds Nissan wants to begin creation of prototype materials, which could be used as chassis for future models. It is known that engineers apply for this purpose, the materials and techniques used in sports car and the aerospace industry. Some Elements are taken directly from space shuttles.

The manufacturer claims that the solutions developed in the framework of the program “Lightweighting” will be able to improve the car’s performance and reduce fuel consumption. Will also further increase the weight of cars resulting from the increasing number of mounted in them. The possibilities and the profitability of the use of new construction will be tested in the emerging just prototype. Maybe we’ll see him in Geneva in early March?

Nissan Space to Earth Technology
For the past year, NASA’s Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley and automaker Nissan have been collaborating on the development of autonomous driving technologies that could one day be used in future consumer vehicles, robotic rovers on Mars and other space exploration missions.

In addition to the draft “Lightweighting” Japanese brand also realizes the reduction of weight. This resulted in weight loss on Nissan X-Trail 90 kg, the new model Qashqai to 40 kg. What a miracle? Nissan engineers use lighter materials allowing the beefing up equipment. Trends in car industry are always changing to improve costs, economy, safety and comforts.