Capturing Exhaust Values and Indicators to Catch Big Ones

A speeding tickets for speeding has gotten almost everyone once before. With the appropriate photo to do so. Soon, even the exhaust gas values of own cars are supplied. At least in the UK.
Early February a special camera has been installed in Birmingham Road fully automated measuring the exhaust at every passing vehicle and holding at the same time the indicator.

In the next few weeks, more such facilities will be installed also in London. One of the first two locations will be Oxford Circus in the very heart of the city.

The initiators are the Ministry of transport and three universities

Behind the project for transportation, so the British Ministry of transport, and the universities are the Department of King’s College London, as well as those in Birmingham and Leeds. Goal is to reduce the exhaust pollution at traffic hotspots. If the new systems meet the expectations, you intend to install anywhere across the country where the motor vehicle exhaust pollution is particularly high.

Establishment of ultra-low emission zones

At the same time, these cameras as a technical prerequisite be considered to set up so-called ultra low emission zones. It’s mainly to urban areas where the car fumes with all conceivable means far below the current level will be reduced.

For the time being is despite the acquisition of flags not intended, particularly against the holders emitting vehicles to proceed. The indicator above all the vehicle types and age of vehicles should until further notice will be collected and stored. That’s probably in the long term there will remain is however to assume.

Capturing Exhaust Values and Indicators to Catch Big Ones 1Capturing Exhaust Values and Indicators to Catch Big Ones 1
The EDAR of system developed by Dr. J. Stewart Hager works with laser beams. Photo: HEATThe EDAR of system developed by Dr. J. Stewart Hager works with laser beams.

Work on laser-based devices

The meter-equipped cameras send a laser beam through the respective vehicle passing by exhaust gas concentration and measure the emitted exhaust components such as for example nitrogen oxide by analyzing the reflected light values individually. Parallel to this, a second camera captures the identification of the respective vehicle.

Andrew Jones, Secretary of State at the British Transport Ministry, stressed that this was only the beginning. But in the end a process for a high-precision measurement of any air pollution and the air quality stand.

First of all car manufacturers in its sights

The indicator detention allows on the one hand, to draw the respective owners for crass excess of permissible exhaust gas values to account. The pressure associated with this measuring method on the automotive industry is much more important the parties first, however.

Professor Francis Pope from the Birmingham University turns out particularly, that “the VW scandal has shown, how important it is to measure the emissions from motor vehicles under real everyday driving conditions. These new cameras will significantly improve the ability to monitor air pollution, exactly.” Similarly expresses also the American engineer Stewart Hager, who developed the system now installed after his tenure at NASA: “My development prevents the automaker still cheating on its customers and to contaminate entire cities.”