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Cappucino with his own portrait on the milk froth

Ripple Maker from SteamCC

Whoever has ordered a cappuccino or milk coffee has usually only quality requirements to the taste and not to the appearance.

If the idea of the Israeli company SteamCC is going through, it will not be so in the future.

There is now a machine called Ripple Maker, with which the frothy surface can be printed on the coffee.

What is imprinted within ten seconds on the coffee in the cup knows hardly any limits.

This starts with “Happy Birthday” and ends with “I love you” and “Congratulations” up to the heart, the puppies, the flowers and the portrait.

On the touchscreen of the 3D printer, the host selects the desired motif or, for example, a photo, enters it electronically.

The guest can also be photographed inconspicuously and then admire his portrait on the coffee.


Printed on the foam of steamed coffee.Printing ink consists of coffee extract!

The machine developed by the Israeli company SteamCC called RippleMaker, was created from a combination of patented 3D printing technology with ink jet printers.

The word ripple can be translated correctly with ripple.

The image printed on the frothy coffee looks really enlarged like a multitude of curled lines.

The printer sprays on the bright foam in the cup the many small dark dots, which consist of quite natural coffee extract.

The spray head of the printer has several hundreds of extremely small holes from which the coffee extract is sprayed.

Extremely fast printing

The company SteamCC has found in tests that it takes in an restaurant on average about two minutes until a cup of latte macchiato or cappuccino is finished.

Immediately after this, the printing time of ten seconds is concluded.

In this very fast printing process, the chief of SteamCC, Yossi Meshulam, sees a great advantage in the market introduction of the foam printer.

Strongly personalize the cup of coffee

Meshulam speaks in the marketing of a “personalization” of the cup of coffee.

The coffee printer offers countless possibilities of use.

For example, company names or product or location names can be printed at events.

The coffee printer has been tested to a larger extent in Tel Aviv and New York.

As one of the most famous names with which SteamCC has already signed a contract, Meshulam calls Deutsche Lufthansa, which will use the coffee printer in its First Class and Business Class lounges.

Other airlines and numerous restaurants and cofee chains are also available.

The delivery of coffee printers is scheduled to start in September this year.

Not exactly cheap

The coffee printer is by no means cheap. SteamCC as a selling price for the complete machine scarcely 900 euros.

Added to this is a monthly fee of approximately 67 euros, which includes use of SteamCC’s design library for the imprinting and maintenance of the coffee printer.

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