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Polish Government Sales Heavy Military Tanks Close to Russian Borders

If you ever dreamed of owning your own tank, you have a chance to realize this idea. In a village “Kopana” is one of the largest squares in military equipment. All the vehicles, including tanks type of Leopard, Urale, Uazy, are for sale. No license, no obligations.
The equipment is fully functional, however, deliberately was stripped of weapons and tools  for military operations. To buy Those you will need some extra papers. There is also a trick: this toys are really cheap. For example, the Leopard tank costs 50k euro, which in terms of buck gives approximately $55k. Next to a tank other militaries are available for purges: Heavy Transporters, Choppers and all kind of well known in Poland Starow 266.

Polish Military Tanks Leopard I,II are in use by most of European Armies

Most of vehicles are in perfect condition. If we decide on the purchase of the historic car, then we can buy additional guarantee and “restoration hardware” package.

Polish government use this action as an response to latest provocations from Russian Military operations on Baltic Sea