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Germany’s venture capitalists are in a good mood ,and take the media and entertainment industry into the investment focus.

The “Invest 2.0” funding program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has the potential to give new impetus to start-up financing in Germany.

Investors now receive up to € 100,000 per year in grants for investments in young innovative companies.

In addition, they are entitled to reimburse the tax on capital gains. The start of the new program fell on 1 January.

The Business Angels Network Deutschland (Band) welcomed it enthusiastically as “one of the world’s best funding programs for angel investors”.

Accordingly, the target group began a new year: The participants in the Business Angels Panel (see box) assessed their business situation in the first quarter at an average of 6.07 points.

This is the highest value ever achieved in the 15 year history of the survey. The scale ranges from 1 (= very bad) to 7 (= very good). In the business outlook, respondents also set a new record: 5.87 points.

The sector focus of the donors is also presented in a new or very different way. They prefer to invest in web services, that is, dotcoms.

A real surprise is followed by second place in the hit parade: Here, the providers of media / entertainment classed themselves.

They were at last 13th place. The background could be the “Gamification” trend, ie the increase of employee motivation, learning success or customer loyalty on a playful level. S

of worm forgings put themselves in third place. Medical technicians ,most recently Engels Liebling ,have to be content with fourth place. And industrial automation companies are back in the top five from seventh place.

Despite “Invest 2.0”, the number of new investments remained at a normal level: 40% of respondents took fresh capital to support a start-up.

There was no money with money. On average, the risk financers invested only around € 50,000.   In the meantime, hardly one investor has made cash: not even one in ten reported the sale of company shares.

Accordingly, the existing budget has not changed: 35% of the funds allocated to angel investments are still freely available. In the supplementary questions of the most recent panel round, it was co-investments.

Result: With every second deal the financiers rely on Teamwork!

So you are looking for a partner to share the risk and expand the know-how.

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