Bullet-proof Cover for Students Protection Kid

The company ProTechT from Oklahoma increase safety in U.S. classrooms. They developed a ceiling which could save the lives of children and teachers in shootings at schools and tornadoes. She will be strapped on the back or on the chest like a backpack. Danger you can hide itself including.More and more schools in the United States not afraid of amok runners, but actually be haunted by them. Research and industry react to it. Develop and sell more bullet-proof products for the classroom. Last year there were, for example, bullet-proof school boards in Minnesota.

Currently, the American company ProTechT has developed a bulletproof blanket from Oklahoma for the classroom. She can withstand approximately 90 percent of all weapons used according to the manufacturer. But also during hurricanes, it offers protection, because she can catch quick debris up to 200 miles per hour.

Protection sheet called the “bodyguard” can be created in seconds in an emergency such as a backpack. The color of the ceiling Orange was chosen for assistants to find victims faster.

The same material is in bullet-proof vests for military and police

The developers Dyneema, a synthetic chemical fibre on the basis of polyethylene used for the production. Also the bullet-proof vests for military and police will be made of this material. It is five times stronger than the aramid fiber Kevlar, which is also in protective clothing.

Bullet-proof Cover for Students Protection Kid
Fitting: The bulletproof protective cover is there in different sizes. Photo: ProtechT

The idea of the bullet-proof protective cover for use specifically on schools comes from Steve Walker, the co-founder of the company ProTechT. A rampage was triggered in December 2012 on the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut where 20 students and their teacher were killed. Only six months later a tornado devastated the city of Moore in Oklahoma. At that time were 24 people, including seven children. Since February of this year there were deaths already, more than 40 shootings at schools in the United States, where 28 people die.

Bulletproof Blanket costs around $ 1000.

First idea come from Podiatrist Walker, former patient Stan Schone. The inventor Schone teamed up with Walker and together they were looking for a suitable material for the realization of the protective cover. There they met State University in Tulsa Jay Hanan, Professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the Oklahoma. Together they founded ProTechT and realized the idea of a bullet-proof ceiling can protect especially children from amok runners and natural disasters such as tornadoes. “answer might want instead of broken bones only bruises” describes the patented bodyguard cover beautiful.

Bullet-proof Cover with $ 1000 for Students Protection Kid has a proud price.

ProTechT hopes on cooperation with schools and nonprofit organizations to produce the bodyguard in large quantities much cheaper.