New standards for buildings made of wood. (New Delhi)

Paris architecture Office “Vincent Callebaut”, want to build in the India New Delhi six high-rise towers that look like stacked green villages. As construction material architect is planing to use local wood.Most interesting is thats residents can grow their own fruits and vegetables inside this towers.

The pictures show that hyper production, so the name of the high-rise project, is an unusual design. This is also the hallmark of the Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, who has settled in Paris. Callebaut has drawn six towers that look like villages built in the height. 2020 to 2022 these towers should stand even really in the sky of Indian city Jaypee, very near New Delhi.

Apartment have an average 85 square meters.

These six Village Towers form a self-sufficient village built in the height. Around 1000 homes and offices have place in the Green towers with a height of 128 m respectively 36 stores. Overall, the hyperlink information are designed to provide a space for the living of 119.582 square meters. On average have the apartments of 85 square meters space. All the apartments, the great and also the small student cabins that are equipped with landscaped balconies.

New standards buildings made of wood
Especially indigenous wood will serve as construction material. Photo: Vincent Callebaut architectures

The six towers consisting in 75% wood from a nearby managed forest. Only for the foundation and the basic structure are made from concrete and steel.

The design thus has enough stability to survive even an earthquake. In addition, this structure is fire-resistant and has good sound insulation and heat insulation properties.

On the roofs of fruit and vegetable gardens

On the large circular roofs of six Hyperion towers, there will be fruit and vegetable gardens, from which residents can provide fruit. At the same time, the roof is the open meeting of the inhabitants of Hyperion. Neighbors, families and friends can meet up here and chat, jog or take a ride in the pool. The Hyperion towers should be according to the will of Callebaut’s almost completely self-sufficient and produce even more energy than its inhabitants consume.

buildings made of wood

This should increase a mesh comprehensive system of energy sources make sure. On the Tower facades and on the balconies and roofs solar cells convert sunlight into electricity.

Additional energy will provide the recycling of organic waste.

“Wind lamp posts” at the bridge between the towers. They illuminate the paths with the energy which is obtained with the help of wind turbines attached to the post.
90% less water consumption than average

Also on the subject of water consumption, Callebaut wants to define new standards with the Hyperion project. This should be 90 percent lower than the average. That is to succeed by catch basins on the bridges, rain water to save. A consistent system of recycling recycled so consumed water, that thus the fruit and vegetable gardens can be irrigated.

Aquaponik system ensures fresh fish.

The idea for the heating and air conditioning of the Hyperion towers is also new. In the Interior of the complex known as should be wind vents. The air in these vents is either cooled by geothermal heat according to the season or warmed up.

building made of wood
Foto: Vincent Callebaut Architectures

The Belgian architect Vincent presented the first futuristic project idea Hall building with the Hyperion towers. His project called Aequrea by floating islands of plastic waste and algae off the coast of Rio de Janeiro is spectacular. Callebaut has already developed, Islands with the name of Lilypads at Noah’s Ark, where up to 50,000 people living. Huge skyscrapers with forests on the facades, or in the form of a transparent sail, Callebaut has designed for New York come from his pen.

made of wood
Foto: Vincent Callebaut Architectures

But back to Hyperion and the question of how the name comes about. Hyperion is the son of the height, the Titan Hyperion in Greek mythology. At the same time is the name of a coast Redwood, who is considered the tallest tree in the Redwood National Park in the U.S. State of California, with a height of 115,55 m of Earth. Both are yet beautiful inference for villages built in India.

Wooden Structure. Foto: Vincent Callebaut Architectures
Wooden Structure. Foto: Vincent Callebaut Architectures

By the way, Vincent Callebaut is not the first architect who wants to build high-rise buildings made of wood. The wooden building in the suburb of Aspern in Vienna is already in the implementation. It is 84 meters high and has 24 floors. The construction is scheduled for later this year. Currently, the trades will be awarded. The high-rise building in Vienna the highest wood skyscraper of the world will be up to the realization of the Hyperion project.

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