Buildind with Trees on 35th Floor

Building with Trees on 35th Floor, A tree on the 35th floor? Outside the living room window? Over 100 meters above the ground? The Italian architect Stefano Boeri in Lausanne is built exactly such a high-rise building. Over 100 big trees will grow on the outside. A vertical forest in the middle of the city.

Buildind with Trees on 35th Floor
A tree on the private terrace? It offers the green building tour de Cèdres of Italian architect Stefano Boeri.

Life in a high-rise building can be pretty dull. But now architects come up with amazing embellishments. Among them Stefano Boeri.

The Italian architect can be in the Lausanne suburb Chavennes près Renens (Switzerland) built a tower called tour des Cedres. And that’s pretty unusual.

Over 100 trees stand on the terraces

Which trees will be available on the terraces of 35 floors. Over 100 units. Oak, cedar and maple trees. The 114 m make tall buildings to a vertical forest. His task: catch mostly green in the House, creating islands of peace for the eye. And then there are of course many other quite mundane reasons: combat fine dust, absorb CO2, produce oxygen and prevent the urban warming.

building is planted with over 100 trees.
The green building is planted with over 100 trees. A panoramic restaurant with view on the Lake of Geneva is also the roof.
Photo: Stefano Boeri ARCHITETTI

And who watered the trees, which by the way are in over-sized flower pots? A self watering system that relies on rain water, supplied the trees. Professional gardeners assume the rest care. To further enhance the eco-balance of the building, Boeri has equipped also the green building with solar panels, which produce solar electricity.

And who should live in the Tour des Cedres? 400 people who must be but not super rich: The 2-to 5-room apartments are not luxury apartments or housing, but simple apartments for the upper middle class, Bernard Nicod and Avni obey told the business magazine Bilan. The canton of Vaud Contractors invest almost €185 million in the building. The construction will start against end of 2016.

A similar project has already achieved with the “Bosco verticale” in Milan Boeri. There stand two towers into the sky. Almost 800 trees, 5000 shrubs and 11,000 groundcover grow on the outer facades. The complex was awarded several prestigious design awards.

Panoramic restaurant on the roof

The Green skyscraper, designed for Lausanne Boeri, offers the residents more than just the own forest for the window: on the roof, for example, a panoramic restaurant will open. With spectacular views of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva. Idyll pur offers the surrounding land. Several thousand plants provide natural environment on 3000 m2.”We have the opportunity to realize a building, that will play a large role in the landscape of Lausanne with the Tower of cedar trees”, Boeri is convinced. The city would allow the front-runner in the global challenge to reconcile city life with sustainability and biodiversity.