British are using Pigeons instead of drones

According to a study commissioned by the city itself, almost 10,000 people in London die each year from the effects of large air pollution. The unresolved issue and on their own product the company wants attention plume Labs now use of carrier pigeons.

Hot Coco, Julius and Norbert. Since three days pigeons fly over London city collecting data, equipped with a feathery vest, the high-tech in itself holds. Tiny sensors measure the ozone and nitric oxide in air. These are two of the most harmful gases in the London air. Two of those who ensure that approximately 9500 people die every year in the British capital on the effects of air pollution, according to a study commissioned by the city itself last year.

Coco, Julius and Norbert have supposedly always network. Retrieve the data that collects the “pigeon air patrol” in the fly over, anyway, directly via Twitter. Londoners who want to know what the situation is just in their neighborhoods, find out in real time.

Extreme pollution on the famous shopping street

After three days, the whole thing is already over and birds will provide data, which you might not get in other ways, say the initiators not what we probably can conclude that it isn’t. The action is so likely symbolic. However, it draws attention to an issue that London has for years not in the handle.

British are using Pigeons instead of drones

Despite congestion charge, levied on almost all vehicles in the city, the traffic is enormous. In particular the large number of diesel-powered buses apparently ensures that the load of nitrogen oxides is extremely high after an investigation. It is so high on London’s most famous shopping area, Oxford Street as nowhere else in the world.

The Smartphone app reports on air quality

The deaf action has triggered corresponding great resonance in the local media. The thing that is but not completed for the company of plume Labs, who developed the concept with a French marketing agency and a partner Twitter. Now finding people that want to move on foot or by bicycle in London and test the beta version of a portable air measurement station.

British are using Pigeons instead of drones
In use for the improvement of air quality. Photo: Pigeon Air Patrol

This test phase should become an expert at the London Imperial distributed air data provide college, but also help the development of the plume Labs products. Because the company sells mainly a weather app for iOS and Android, which processes information on air quality in 300 cities in 40 countries and tell the user how he behaves best currently and whether, for example when jogging is not that a good idea as we thought.

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