Breathtaking Sky Walk with Giant Slide

The Czech tourist area in Dolní Morava has a new attraction: the 55 m high tower made of wood and steel is 1100 m above sea level, and allows to walk on a breezy sky climb. The fastest way down you get the 100 m-long steel slide.

For people with a fear of heights is the Dolní Morava sky walk rather unsuitable. The height but don’t who, can on the new attraction an adrenaline get, without having to leave safe ground. The Czech architect Zdeněk Fránek has designed the recently inaugurated construction of wood and steel, remain not only the rise and the prospect, but also coming down in special memory.

Tower can withstand wind speeds of up to 300 km/h

It was a long way from the initial idea up to the finished attraction. For about three years, the architect and the builders, planned before in April 2015, the construction of the sky walk in the Czech resort of Dolní Morava, located about 200 km east of Prague near the Polish border, could begin.

The last remains of snow had to be removed so that the deep 6.5 m high located the 1116 m site Foundation in the rock could be dug. Construction work had to be interrupted several times due to the harsh climatic conditions on the Ridge with frequent fog and strong winds.

Designed construction for 1400 people

After approximately seven months of construction was the sky walk open in December 2015 for the audience. Wind speeds to the 55 m high tower now can withstand up to 300 km/h. Overall, 600 larch of wood and 380 tonnes of steel were processed. 1400 people may stop at the same time on the design.

Giant slide is 100 m long and fitted with Windows

The rise was easy and possible even for wheelchair, emphasize the builders of the sky walk. 700 m long the trail spiral and railing secured upwards. There is a magnificent view of the massif of Králický Sněžník, whose peaks runs along the State border between Poland and the Czech Republic opens. Information panels, is also quite a bit about the history of the adjacent Valley visitors and can find out more about the cloud formations as a meteorological phenomenon.
That not enough experience, can a network lie on, this walk through the hole in the top turn in the sky is stretched.

Breathtaking Sky Walk with Giant Slide-a
A magnificent view of the massif of Králický Sněžník, the State border between Poland and the Czech Republic runs over the peaks, expected the climbers of Dolní Morava sky walk.

This is indeed safe, but the adrenaline level will most likely lift the free look in depth. When it finally comes on the descent, the architect has come up with somewhat. Rather than take the route via the wooden planks or a shortcut via the spiral staircase, you can slide down easily. The spiral steel tube with the giant slide is 100 m long and fitted with Windows.

Breathtaking Sky Walk with Giant Slide-6

With its structure, the architect Zdeněk Fránek says he would convey the intense experience visitors in the clouds to – walk in a room, which is located above the landscape. With the predominant use of wood, he tried as much as possible in the environment to fit the building, instead of disrupting it.

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The skyline also promises breathtaking views walk in the Swiss Alps. Not only monks, Eiger and Jungfrau, but also down – under the shatterproof glass in the ground is 200 meters in depth.