Breakthrough Listen and Breakthrough Message Seti-like Project

In July last year, to be informed of the initiation of a program called Breakthrough Initiatives. This initiative is intended to search for alien civilizations in the universe, and it carried out two projects: Breakthrough Listen and Breakthrough Message.

Breakthrough program Initiatives is expected to take ten years.

Under the Breakthrough Listen will be used two powerful radio telescope with over 100 meters Green Bank Telescope (GBT) in the USA and the 64 meter Parkes Telescope in Australia. The aim of the Breakthrough is the most accurately Listen scans the sky on different radio bands. Scan, in the range from 1 to 10 GHz, 10 times is intended to cover a larger area of the sky and be over 50 times more sensitive than previous surveys of the sky in the SETI project.

Green Bank Telescope
Green Bank Telescope is world largest fully sterable telescope with sensitivity 10 time higher to SETI

In parallel, the Observatory Lick Telescope in the United States will be looking for signals on other bands from the lasers. Breakthrough Listen Watch will be covering one million stars and Sun coming hundred next milky way galaxies. Data from the Breakthrough Listen to be publicly available.

Listening in the Breakthrough Listen began in mid December 2015. Currently, on average each day, the project Breakthrough Listen receives up to six hours of radio listening in the GBT. Listening is executed on the L, S, C and X. listening data are not yet available.

The second part of Breakthrough Initiatives is Breakthrough Message. Under the Breakthrough Message will be created information kits about humanity, which in future will be able to be sent to continuously engage in helping discovered. Breakthrough Message will not send signals, they have only to be prepared to do so. Far there is no information on the begin on this program.