Boston Dynamics Lost US Contract.

That is probably an expensive bust. Like an ass load of robots AlphaDog U.S. soldiers should follow. But extensive testing showed that robot can transport too little and makes way too much noises. AlphaDog robot is useless as it is.

It shows clearly on video U.S. Marines reasons against the AlphaDog contract. Gasoline lawn mower is really a gentle murmuring device. If you want to offer an easy shooting target to enemy you take it into the battle. But only then…

Transport robot AlphaDog too loud for US Marines

The weird part is that this military robots of Google subsidiary Boston Dynamics made noises that could nock down anyone. More than two years practice test seems to be clear after a report by the of and the US Army. For the war, this is stupid. boston Dynamic is not giving up and all mistakes will be fixed in no-time.

According to the report of the trade portal, the military has now ended the attempt and plans no further. The army should have paid for the development work equivalent to about €35 million. Boston Dynamics not only lost contract but also lost confidence of U.S. Army.

Quieter model is not autonomous – transport robot AlphaDog too loud for US Marines

The experts have expected too much of the robot: up to 180 kg load should wear and completely automatically follow the master, on which he was been previously agreed. Steep, muddy or stony grounds shouldn’t be a problem. Well everything works pretty well.

Transport robot AlphaDog too loud for US Marines
Mules in the usage for the U.S. Marines in California: the animals are vastly superior than load donkeys the robots of Google subsidiary of Boston Dynamics. Above all, they are much quieter. Photo: Ali Azimi / US Marines

Apart from the noise, the soldiers but also military argue that robot in use is hard to repair. Still a deadly argument. Its obvious that soldiers will not be able to repair any robot at all. Changing parts is rather simple and provided by Boston dynamics modules are really simple. If the term in this context is allowed they should use tanks or planes. Those machines are far more difficult to fix.