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How a boring transporter becomes a beauty !

Kit for corrugated van

The longing for vehicles with character like VW Beetle, Fiat 500 and Mini is also on delivery van: Now Italian designers have developed a kit, which makes from a optically dull Citroën jumper a copy of the legendary corrugated box type H of 1947.

And how easy it is, is amazing!

The new kit from Italy is a birthday present: exactly 70 years ago Citroën introduced the H type. He was so different from all the other vans.

The body was still made of corrugated iron, on the side there was a sliding door, in front a large radiator grille with the same large Citroën logo.

As with the 2CV, the legendary duck, the headlights were free-standing, the front screen was almost vertical.

An ice car, a juice bar and a snack bar are still used in the pedestrian zone in Germany. In 1981, Citroën introduced the construction of this wonderful van.

Kit makes Citroën jumper corrugated sheet beauty But the new type H could again enrich the streets.

For the Italian designers Fabrizio Caselani and David Obendorfer have now developed a kit that transforms a normal, boring Citroën jumper into a modern interpretation of type H.

And the kit is not a prototype, but reality and can be ordered at their company Caselani Automobili.

The conversion kit consists of plastic body parts, which are mounted on the jumper body to give the car the old shape of the H type.

The plastic elements imitate the old corrugated iron surface; even the roof and the rear get a corrugated iron look.

The flat front of the jumper is completely changed and gets a new radiator grille.

The two big angles of the Citroën logo are changed, an original angle is not possible – it is not a Citroën. Numerous kits are planned currently, however, the two designers have a lot to do. Because the first conversion kit for a normal van is only the beginning.

There is already a second kit for the jumper van with nine seats.

In September, a four-wheel drive will be launched

In addition, a food version, a towing car and a mobile home are planned. Very cheap is the nostalgic pleasure but not.

The complete price for a box van jumper including kit starts at 42.900 Euro.

The cost of the kit including assembly at Caselani is around 12,000 euros.

The minibus is in the list with 48,600 euros.

Next year the designers want to convert with their company Caselani Automobili also used jumper as well as the identical models Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato.

If you want to do it yourself, you have to wait until 2019, then the kit is to come to the market for self-assembly.

The designer David Obendorfer is also familiar with retro designs.

Obendorfer has already drawn a wonderful retro version of the original bull of VW, from which one would wish that it would finally be built.

Just as convincing are his reinterpretations of the Renault R4 and the BMW 2000 CS.

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