Boeing And Suoth-Korean Aerospace Will Build Autonomous Helicopters

Boeing and Suoth-Korean Aerospace will build autonomous helicopters

Together, the Korean Aerospace and Boeing convert helicopters flying used helicopter gunships to autonomously. The new “precision attack helicopters”. Considerable cost savings that the renunciation of a human pilot offers main driving forces.

The Korean aircraft manufacturer, a sister company of its eponymous airline, Korean Air, aimed according to own statements on the export and believes to have made a large future market for unmanned combat helicopter. Boeing is involved in the project: a Boeing already is developing unmanned helicopters and wants to support Korea in return for sale manned heavy combat helicopter on the Korean forces at their own development and must also: this obligation is part of the supply contract for the “Apache” attack helicopters 36 AH 64E.

Korean Air design used normal helicopter of American unmanned combat helicopters MD500 type. The MD500 are a both for civilian light helicopters built like military operations, which has been built by a subsidiary of the former American aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas called MD helicopters.

McDonnell Douglas has been adopted a long time ago by Boeing. Therefore, Boeing has also access to the MD500 technology. Only the South Korean armed forces have over 200 MD500 helicopters, which will all build to Korean Air and export with the help of Boeing as a combat helicopter. The note that this unmanned helicopter is a “low-cost helicopter” by Korean Air, among other things it explains that it is not a new but a used aircraft. The “new” MD500 helicopters is officially known as “KASHI-VH”.

Significant savings on other areas

Korean Air is not tired to highlight the diverse economies of KUS-VH. It begins with that operating costs are substantially lower, if not human pilots are needed. Next, the “new” helicopter for very much longer inserts suitable because all the seats inside the plane will be replaced by additional fuel tanks. This allows bets of up to four hours flight time. This is twice the pilot-controlled flights of up to two hours in length.

Suitable for otherwise to dangerous missions

Korean Air in particular emphasizes the KUS-VH can fly missions that are too dangerous for human pilots. The “new” helicopter is for such missions both with missiles as equipped with heavy machine guns as the so-called attack helicopter

He to can fire at enemy positions from nearby with utmost precision and this regardless of whether it is day or night, raining or snowing or is foggy. Boeing has also deals with such working conditions in the context of its work on the H-6U of unmanned helicopters and AH-6.

Development will be completed in 2017

Korean Air Chairman Yang Ho Cho assumes that the development of KUS-VH already can be completed in the coming year. First reflections on this project had begun in 2014. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg considers realistic the time frame of Korean Air.

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