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New BMW i3 Super Battery now as standard in Bavarian Traffic Police

He really is not a cheap car, i3 from BMW is disappointing each day more. Who wants to stay with the electric car on a trip from Cologne to Frankfurt in the Taunus, which needs to use deeper roads with the Pocket Car. BMW a stronger battery-powered city cars. The range should be at almost 300 km. Purely theoretically.

Also with the new battery, the BMW i3 will reach Frankfurt-Bavaria only with ACH. Because he hardly make the theoretical range of nearly 300 km in practice. The media talk about 190 km, which realistically can be driven on the track with the car, BMW even mentions nearly 200 km. No one knows exactly. Still, no one is too happy with the new battery. Its no awesome, just a bit bigger.

New BMW i3 Battery capacity increases from 22 to 33 kWh

The new lithium-ion battery is although the same size as the existing battery, but has a higher energy density. As BMW announced the improved battery reaches a capacity of 33 kWh. The old battery comes on 22 kWh. For the more powerful battery, BMW requires 1200 euros extra to the base price of the i3 just under 35,000 euro. Here, yes the purchase premium of the Government and car industry amounting to 4000 euro for the purchase of electric cars comes just at the right.

If a theoretical standard consumption of 12.6 kWh per 100 km (NEDC) will come the i3 theoretically 262 km. Maybe could get a few kilometers through the recuperation. Given the low temperatures, the desire for heat and air conditioning, but only once before looking for a charging station music enjoyment during the trip and the use of electronic tools such as Navi white man though to get to Frankfurt.

This is too uncertain, which can order continues to a small two-cylinder gasoline engine, which generates electricity and recharges the battery while driving. Then, really long distances with the i3 are possible. A tank of fuel is enough to generate in the Electric Engine power for extra 150 km drive. However, cost is 4500 euro for two-cylinders and not free.

BMW i3 Battery capacity increases from 22 to 33 kWh
BMW has added a new, more powerful battery to i3. Thus, the electric car to come up to 190 km away. This will pleased traffic police in Bavaria that already had some i3 in use. Photo: BMW

Older i3 is retrofitted with the new battery

Who is on the road with an older model of the i3 is for two and a half years on the market, can replace his old battery against the new, more powerful. What will it cost, has but not shared with another BMW. The performance figures of the i3 with new battery are almost unchanged despite slightly increased vehicle weight 1245 kg. The car accelerates in 7.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. That’s a tenth of a second “slower” than before.