2017: Blue Origin send people into space

Private sector space industry develops in the unheard of pace, as the games about the billions they are joined by new companies that count, that they can beat fierce competition. In addition to Elon Musk from SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, the space became interested in also by Jeff Bezos, the head of the Amazon AWS, who created the project Blue Origin.

Its engineers have already easily manages to send to the border of space and land rocket New Shepard, along with a capsule for passengers. A few days ago, Bezos reported that the first tourists wants to take your spaceship at the end of next year.

On board the capsule will be able to then find six tourists. Of course there will be a rich, only pilots and engineers, who, in the course of the final tests will test whether the flight is carried out in accordance with the plan.

Later this year, the head of the Amazon is planning to start the first trials with new engine Blue Origin, that is, BE-4. The company also wants to begin selling tickets on a flight into space. Despite the fact that they will not be cheap, and so interested is so a lot of people, that the company will have customers for the next several years.

Well, such information to make our heart rejoices, because competition between companies involved in space tourism is increasing, and this means that in the future certainly will translate into a reduction in ticket prices and easier availability of such activities for ordinary people.

Look at the video above, will look like a whole lot, from the moment of the start rocket, by disconnecting the capsule, you will experience the tourists, who find themselves in weightlessness at an altitude of about 100 kilometers above the surface of the planet.