BIO-Septic Tanks for individuals houses are main choice in EU

Cesspools are reservoirs between organic traditional and home-based purification centers. Provide high tightness and are extremely wear-resistant. However, whether their purchase is well worth the money? The answer to this question is found in the following article.

What is a septic tank organic?

At the outset, it is worth noting that such a septic tank is a independent without out-piping. Many people confuse it with the sewage plant close to house, however is not with him too much to do. Ecological tanks ready precast, which come to the place of installation in prefabricated elements (and it is different from traditional tanks). The principle of operation is practically the same. The tank collects wastewater, which after some time you have to outwit with the vehicle.

The ecological or traditional?

The traditional septic tank built on the spot are not very durable. Their biggest drawback remains problems with welds. Many traditional tanks looses sealing after some time of use, and wastewater rise straight into the ground. This is a very bad situation that can lead to sue groundwater.

Therefore, more and more investors opting for eco-friendly tanks. This type of products can be made of plastic or concrete. Are very tight, resistant to mechanical damage, pressure, corrosion, and on different types of processes that occur in soils. It is worth noting that the service life of organic reservoirs is estimated to be tens of years.

In the commercial offers, we find two types of products

Septic tank with plastic-most section with unregular, FEM analised walls (to increase strength). Modern plastic tanks are full tightness, durability and resistance to temperatures and pressures of the substrate. Their major advantage is the low weight of the finished tank. Plastic septic tanks are easy to transport, and they generally do not bring much of a problem. Eco-friendly plastic tank should be anchored in the ground. This ensures that we will minimise the risk of blowing up. Purchase this type of product is very indicated when the property is well with drinking water.

Septic tank with concrete-concrete septic tanks are much tighter than their counterparts produced on site. Precast concrete is done mostly B20, B40 and cut water absorption.

The reservoir provides complete tightness and is resistant to processes in wastewater. In the commercial offers, we find both single chamber tanks, double Chamber and modular (single chamber can be joined). Typical capacity of such tanks is 6-12 m3 (such capacity are suitable for use by 4 person family).

Purchase a larger tank will be more difficult due to the large weight. The weight of the precast concrete can also complicate assembly. We leave the tank to the trench using hydraulic equipment. Access the device requires a stable, hardened ground.

Septic tank or shaft wastewater treatment plant?

Some septic tanks are only slightly less expensive than the drainage of waste water treatment plants, so you might want to consider the viability of this purchase. The choice should be subject to the conditions of water and groundwater. Shaft waste requires separation of space on the sludge trap and infiltration.

For small acreage buying a sewer will be the only eco-preferable option

In a septic tank you should also invest in a situation where the groundwater level is high and the soil impermeable. In this case, the construction of domestic waste water treatment plant would be unprofitable due to the low efficiency of purification.

BIO-Septic Tanks - concrete

One of the most important advantages of the construction of household wastewater treatment plant remain lower operating costs. The whole installation requires one/two exports the sludge per year. The cost of the rent of the vehicle will be between £ 400 to 200 slurry tanker for a year. Emptying of tanks closed we do what ok. 3 weeks. Over one year it gives 17 exports. Therefore, the total cost of operation of the septic tanks hover around 400-600 euro.

Costs of purchase

Smallest plastic septic tanks have a capacity of up to 5 m3. Suitable for connection of lodges and buildings that we have operated periodically. The purchase price of prefabricate is between 2,200-4,500 euro. For eco-friendly tanks with a capacity of up to 10 m3 have to pay more than 3 000 Euro. Septic tanks with the capacity of good will in the case of small buildings, used before 1-2 people. In offers sellers we find also ecological, single chamber tanks with a capacity of 12 m3 (intended for use by a few people family).

Cost of buying good quality sewer green with a capacity of 12 m3 is the about 5000 euro, nevertheless is totally worth it.

Prefabricated septic tanks made of concrete are a bit cheaper. For a tank with a capacity of up to 5 m3 pay ok. 1 000 $. Septic tank with a capacity of up to 10 m3 we buy for less than $ 2,200. In turn, larger tanks (12 m3) will be expenditure based around 2200-2500$. In offers manufacturers it will be difficult to find ready concrete tanks with a larger capacity.


In some cases, you will have to pay for installation of the tank. Before making a purchase we arrange the issue with the seller. Some companies offer installation included in the purchase price, others expect more compensation.

If you want to measure the cost of the purchase, transport and Assembly of prefabricated septic tanks-plastic or concrete-you can use the free calculator is available at this link.

BIO-Septic Tanks

Certainly plastic tanks are worth the money. The price is little higher than the ecological septic tank construction. By buying tight tank we gain full protection against pollution from sewage. In addition, we save the time needed for installation. It is worth noting that the construction of the sewer traditional lasts up to 2 weeks. In turn, finished organic tank installation is only 1 day.