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Published On: Tue, Aug 30th, 2016

Bill Gates has already $90 billions

Bill Gates, Microsoft’s head were, another year in a row he positions the richest man on Earth. His fortune grown within the year, trifle 6.2 billion dollars and is now round 90 billion dollars.


According to Bloomberg the Billionaire Index, Gates managed to earn an extra few billion on market surges in Canadian National Railway Company and Ecolab.

The founder of the largest and most influential charitable organization in the world, grow your fortune, investment so take that future draws in pink colors.

Meanwhile, the second is Amancio Ortega with welth worth 76 billion dollars. His fortune in the current year from shippers about 3.1 billion dollars.

However, the record holder in terms of the amount by which enlarge in the current year of fortune, is 5. on the list of Mark Zuckerberg. At this time, Mark has 54.7 billion dollars, and its fortune from shippers goes to about 8.9 billion dollars.

Ahead of it to Jeff Bezos, the head of the Web and the founder of the company Blue Origin, that’s great to cope in the world space industry. His fortune is now estimated at on 66.2 billion (an increase of 6.5 billion from the beginning of the year).