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Bikini warns in time of sungand!

Spinali Design

The French company Spinali Design has designed an intelligent bikini. Integrated is a UV sensor, which is coupled with a smartphone app.

If it becomes dangerous during sunbathing, the app will sound an alarm.

Even if the sheep heat makes people tremble, the summer is coming.

This is why it is very high time to deal with the latest swimwear. After all, woman wants to make a good figure on the beach as well.

For many sun starving people the moment of the painful truth comes when a verifiable Sundance is created in the excessive sunbathing.

To prevent this, the French designer Marie Spinali launched the first smart bikini on the market.

The fashionable parts warn their carrier by smartphone before too much sun.

The project was a kind of spontaneous reaction to the “sight of people who looked like lobsters and still remained in the sun,” Spinali told the French business magazine La Tribune.

The heart piece is a waterproof UV sensor

The heart of the smart swimwear is a waterproof UV sensor, which measures and analyzes not only the temperature, but also the solar radiation.

The mini sensor is simply hooked to the bikini pant and coupled with a smartphone app for iOS and Android.

In this app the carrier of the smart bikinis then introduces her skin type.

When it’s time for the shadow or a new layer of sunscreen cream, the app spits out a notification.

For badly enamored Badenixen, the alarm can be sent directly to the gadget’s smartphone thanks to a Valentine function.

He can then spread the sun cream on the back of his dream woman with a delicate hand.

The price for a smart bikini depends on the size and starts at 149 euros.

The individual bikinis are sewn in the eastern part of Mühlhausen, the UV sensor is also produced in Alsace.

Beach towel with sensor as an alternative

If you have recently purchased a new modern bikini, you can still rely on the intelligent technology from Alsace and protect yourself from too much sun.

Alternatively, Spinali Design also offers an intelligent bath towel in the size 200 by 150 cm, which is also equipped with the sensor.

The bath towel comes in the colors pistachio, pink, white, black, blue and brown.

Border and label embroidery can be selected in different colors.

For the bath towel Spinali Design charges 99 Euro.

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