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A bike on shoes: Is driving or walking still?

Joke from Conti

Those who have such engineers do not have to worry about the future.

Take a bike, exchange the wheels for half a dozen shoes, and head off to the world’s largest bike festival in London.

Although the Conti-Bike jerks hugely on sneakers, but the pictures go around the world.

What must the British engineers of the German tire manufacturer Continental have had for fun when they assembled this wheel? They wanted to stand out, of course, at the fourth edition of the Prudential Ride in London.

Prudential Ride, the largest bicycle festival in the world

The Prudential Ride is not just any bike race. It is the largest bicycle festival in the world.

For three days the city center of London is firmly in the hands of bikers: around 100,000 cyclists dream on two wheels through the city, bike rides show their own buildings, cyclists deliver a real race over 200 km.

500 drivers of the famous Folding Wheel Brompton are driving their world championship in London. The Curiosity: To start the race the wheels have to be set up, then it starts.

Sportswear is forbidden, is driven in jacket and shirt!

But let’s get back to the tire engineers who’ve been extraditing for the Prudential Ride, from tires to shoes.

The Conti technicians have replaced the spokes and rims with six sneakers each, which are attached to a stable hollow support.

The shoe size of the treads makes it possible for the six shoes to touch almost and thus form approximately a tread.

Comfort of the shoe bike is miserable

However, tread is also somehow exaggerated.

Because the video shows that the driver now feels every shoe individually, the saddle shakes the driver vigorously and the driving more like the hoppeln of a horse.

Speaking of driving: Can you call driving at all? Or is the more mechanized, automated walking? No matter what it is, the contis have certainly provided one of the many small and big highlights at the world’s biggest bike festival.

Next year, the festival will take place from 28 to 30 July. You can sign up now. And time for a crazy self-build is still enough.

You need an idea? How about this bike? In the Strandbeest wheel, the rear wheel consists of a spider-like metal construction.


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