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Bomb-proof: “Bike Mine” protect from bicycle thieves

According to the EU police more than 72310 bicycles were stolen in 2015. Organized gangs with simple tools can liberate you from from a bike in less than a minute. A London inventor said enough: he has built a mini bomb, which should scare away perpetrator, as soon as you move the wheel.

Yannick read bike bomb
Bike mine is attached to a spoke with titanium wire. The wheel turns so the wire rope hoist is overstretched and ignites the explosive device with 150 decibels. Photo: Yannick Read

The London inventor Yannick read is most certainly not a soft-spoken. On the contrary, ever louder, the better. With this attitude he has about five years ago an entry in the Guinness Book of world records backed up. His bicycle horn “the Horn of the first” topped the then official Guinness volume record of 139 decibel of true metal band Manowar which they set up on July 9, 2008 at the magic circle Festival in the Hessian Bad Arolsen with 178 decibels.

The small bomb is attached with Velcro strips to the frame of the bicycle and the wire rope attached to a spoke. Bike mine consists of titanium wire, a spring trap with firing pin and a blank cartridge. If the wire rope hoist the bomb overstretched themselves, because the bike is moved, the explosive charge is ignited with a deafening bang, bringing it to a level of 150 decibels.

Kickstarter campaign for bike mine

The slightly sloping inventor initiated a Kickstarter funding campaign to convict his prototype in a serial production. Its financing target is £ 15,000, now he has collected nearly 4,000 British pounds from 56 supporters for his explosive bike lock and beyond. 23 days, he left still to convince the rest of the world about his idea. Yannick reach advertises at Kickstarter for himself as “a competent engineer” and promises to build together the first edition of bike mines personally. 64,50 euro bike will cost mine and can be shipped worldwide on campaign success from September 2016.

Used firecrackers are legal

Yannick read called his mini bomb simple, sure, reliable, versatile, and Moreover, even absolutely compliant with the law, because the used firecrackers can be purchased almost anywhere legally. In the United Kingdom, these blanks are used for the gun salutes.

Bike mine works without battery and comes out with a single moving part. Thus, the explosive bike lock in the often terrible weather in England works seven days a week around the clock. The exploding immobilizer is intended also for motorcycles, boats or jet skis.

“In the war against thieves”

The noise-affine London bike invented mine out of the experience, that it is easy especially in the nights for thieves to steal bicycles. His motorcycle and his bike in London have been stolen at night himself, although both were well secured. “The thieves had a massive advantage, because they were able to gain access to the bikes and take the locks while I was sleeping at night,” says Yannick read. Then he made on the development of his exploding bike protection. Yannick read is located “in the war against thieves”, as he admits. Since every means is right for him.

Yannick Read
Small, inconspicuous, mechanically: The explosive force is not to look at mine parts of the bike. But the noise of 150 decibels should probably beat every thief in the escape. Photo: Yannick read

The smart bike lock Skylock is already on the market and quietly: it is controlled by Smartphone and opened. It raises the alarm in case of attempted theft, places an emergency call, if it is involved in an accident, and reveals where it is. Solar cells on the cross bar give the necessary power. And two French product designers have developed a bicycle helmet, you also can do with his bike. The helmet blocks is correctly mounted on the front wheel.