Bicycle made of plywood

Wooden widgets, specialized in plans for boats, has developed now a two-wheeler, whose framework consists of plywood. It can accommodate two people. It is not heavier than a conventional touring bike with 14 kg.

Who comes rolled in on Hoopy can be sure that he attracted attention. Especially if two or even three people sitting on the long stretched saddle. Hoopy is one of the strangest bicycles in the world. The frame is made of wood, it must bring itself by jigsaw in the form.

Wooden Widget
Foto: Wooden Widget

The French company wooden Widget, founded offers especially plans for wooden boats by the designer Robin Benjamin. There are also a foldable bicycle trailer called “Foldovan” and now the two Wheeler Hoopy. With Brexit related rate declining everything is excellent in British pounds there is the building plans for equivalent of 35 euros. They include 30,000 words and 200 pictures.

32 jigsaw parts

Wheels, steering and propulsion system are conventional bike parts made of metal. The lighting of course. For the frame meet two 1.2 m long and 1 cm thick plywood panels with a width of 60 cm. To save weight and to improve the appearance of must the hobby bike farmer per Board saw out of 16 pieces of wood. Must he smooth sand the rough edges then by hand.

It will take time. Wooden widgets speaks of 50 hours. The two frame parts, between which the drive unit, so the gears and chain, and the fork are, are connected with epoxy resin.

Load capacity: 200 kg

The wheel wears, when the Handyman has done everything right, 200 kg. A passenger fits loosely on the saddle. However, the rider is no place to make his feet. The frame weighs about 3 kg.

Wooden Widget bike
Foto: Wooden Widget

The wheel 14 kg comes complete, weighs about as much as a touring bike of conventional design. It is designed for wheels with a diameter of 20 inches. Because the chain inside is no trousers or skirt hem may become caught in it.

New per plan five trees

Who can cannibalize an existing bicycle get away cheap. Who must buy the parts that are not made of wood, in the bike shop pays the equivalent of some 300 euros, the developers say. So that the users of the wooden wheel can have a clear environmental conscience wooden widget promises to plant five trees for every selling plan.