Betelgeuse Explosion on Orion Shoulder (500-650ly ago)

Betelgeuse is a star in the constellation Orion, is from the ground about 500 to 650 light years. It is a variable star and its average brightness changes. It is possible that soon may start to us reach the explosion effects. If Betelgeuse may increase your brightness up to 10 thousand times and start rays with the brightness of the moon.

Historical transfers speak of Betelgeuse as the star of white or yellow. In more contemporary astronomers sources state that the star suddenly changed color to red. In our days it is also the color red, which is why some people confuse it with Mars. This means that over a fairly short time in Betelgeuse rapid changes that can result in the fact that it will brighten soon star as a supernova, which you will be able to easily see the sky even during the day.

Some predict that the maximum brightness that can get this exploding star is roughly the equivalent of the full moon, which is magnitude 12.5mk candles. The explosion will be visible from us will certainly at least for a few months. The star will probably look like a radiant, bright spot the size of a full moon. Betelgeuse is clearly light up the night sky, but it should also be clearly visible during the day.

Something similar happened recently in the year 1054, when it came to the supernova that created the Crab Nebula today known eventually. This event has been described in the Chinese Chronicles. The brightness of the Flash was so significant, that for a month could be seen a bright source of light that was visible even in the afternoon. However, this was a distant event until about 5500 years. This time we are talking about the potential of a supernova located ten times closer. The distance of the star Betelgeuse is estimated at 500-650 light years.

On the basis of current knowledge, we can say that the taint stars means consuming hydrogen. According to calculations of the astronomer, Brad Carter from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, Betelgeuse could blow at any time. He argues that if this happens, it will be clear enough even at night to read the newspaper. After the outbreak of the brightness of stars will gradually decrease, and within a few months or years it will no longer even visible to the naked eye. Then the right shoulder of the constellation Orion disappear for a while, a few centuries at the site after the Betelgeuse will be a new Nebula.