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Which plants are best for your Office?

The flowers have a beneficial impact on productivity and avoid plastic imitations. Violets, Cactus and Creepers can refine the workspace

The use of green plants in the workplace has proven invaluable.

The plants enrich every space and clean the air. Also, there are plenty of plants that grow with a little bit of light and in offices that are heated on the weekends. Therefore, no need to decorate the official quarters, plastic plants because of them no benefit, but only to damage because they collect dust.

However, care must be taken not to get plants that are susceptible to diseases or thrive too fast, mess and create the impression of the jungle. You have to choose the plants according to the conditions prevailing in the Office, on the amount of light, temperature and size of the available space.


A shelf in front of the window no need to burden it with too many flowers and obscure the light. If the tables near the window, just pick one, low plant that bother anyone, and space. Such is the African Violet that can be planted in an interesting dish with Aperture. It’s very simple for cultivation and only ten inches tall, and blooms throughout the year. The Bay is moderate, from beer mat, water at room temperature. She needs a lot of light and temperatures no lower than 15 degrees.

African Violet

Aloe is also a good choice, as well as cactus, because they have a profound step and very decorative. do not grow quickly and require a lot of light. There are 400 species of Aloe, and the most popular Tiger because it grows to 30 cm. All Aloe and Cactus purify air. Need a little water and does not require special care.

OPEN SPACE in Office + Cactus

Then the space is open and a lot of people need to choose plants that are not much larger, I don’t mind physical injuries and good work under neon lights. That is, first, an Indian feather or sanseverija. Also known as Sabre, because the leaves elongated and proŇ°arani, if there is enough light. This is a rare plant which agrees with dry air, so feel free to be and next to the radiator. It’s sensitive to temperatures below 10 degrees, and does not require any special care. This plant works well known and a bit dull, but in a potted plant gets a brand new look.

Aloe and Cactus

For open space is good difenbahija that true loves space and average light, or delete sheets of lukewarm water. Difenbahija can quickly grow in height, while ferns takes place at a height to the leaves falling. Therefore, it is the best choice for small spaces spatifilum. Likes light but no sun. The only care is regular watering. If he feels sure she’il give space a white flower of the moon.


In many offices employees working with neon lights and in places they can rely only on a Creeper, Philodendron and epipremnum Lily hlorofitum. These plants grow in all offices, and the only way to get the new look of the flower pot. Filadendronu like a dark place and differences in temperature, but because of the size of seeking care in terms of support and commitment. This herb can be shortened and thus refresh.

Golden Creeper Monstera also known as Devil’s composed of Ivy because it is indestructible. And this plant want to be attached and formatted. Hlorofitum is a well known government officials, because it stands for an extremely tolerant.

Top office plant is a “Palm Tree”

The simplest way is to cultivate bamboo and areca palm, and both are very easy to grow. Bamboo Palm Tree removes formaldehide, benzene and trihloroetilene from the air. That is fastest way to remove most of the harmful substances from the premises.

Bamboo Palm Tree

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