Best of Consumer Electronic Show 2016 (CES)

The Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas is in full swing. And among the 20,000 presented gadgets, you will find numerous products that provide for Marvel. We have collected eight of the most unusual inventions for you.The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is one of the world’s largest trade fairs for consumer electronics. A look at the products says: it is not all about digitization. Some manufacturers row back in the analog world. Just take a look at what good engineering can do.

1. Safe driving: BMW presents futuristic motorcycle helmet

From BMW represented at CES product is like no other. VW for example BUDD-e introduces his electric Bulli at CES. The Munich car and motorcycle manufacturer presented a futuristic motorcycle helmet in Las Vegas. What is special: He has a so-called head-up display that offers BMW cars since 2003.

BMW head-up display
BMW introduces a head-up display for motorcyclists at CES. Thus the driver can show all the important information such as speed and the gear in the field of view. Photo: BMW

Information can be directly in the driver’s field of vision project – about the speed, of a gang, the tank level, or rear-facing camera images. BMW expects more security from the helmet, because the rider no longer look on the instruments of his ride. The technology to reach maturity in the next two years.

2. Weight problems? This fitness belt from Samsung gives it away and more.

Are they on the right track, losing the weight after holidays? These reveal a fitness belt called “The world”, the South Korean Group Samsung shows at CES. It looks like a traditional leather belt, but crammed with sensors. Register of eating and drinking habits of the wearer, motion and seating times, and the hips. Evaluate and analyze can the data be with a Smartphone app. The best diet and exercise plan for the way to the beach body is only a few clicks away.

Best of Consumer Electronic Show 2016
This fitness belt by Samsung can be connected to a Smartphone. The belt measures motion and seating times, and the hips. Photo: Samsung

3. Unusual: Bra by OMsignal measures vital signs while jogging

The company OMsignal in the luggage has an unusual alternative to common fitness bracelets: the Ombra. This is a smarter sports bra with sensors sewn into the hem. Measure distance, breathing, pulse and heart rate, the calories and the fatigue level of the body, while jogging.

Best of Consumer Electronic Show 2016 - 2
The sports bra by OMsignal has many sensors sewn into the hem. Measure distance, breathing, pulse and heart rate, calories burned, and the fatigue level of the body, while jogging. Photo: OMsignal

The smart BRA on a Smartphone app sends all these values. The wearer can then at an early stage to adjust the intensity of the training to protect her body at the right moment. But the bra is not exactly cheap. To come in the spring of 2016 for €140 in the market.

4. Bosch Idea to find a parking space with a pleasure.

The search for a parking space can be easily to the breaking point for the nerves and leads also to unnecessary traffic. 30% of inner-city traffic arise according to Bosch only that motorists will find no free parking. The technology group wants to change this and therefore presents the so-called community-based parking at CES.

The idea: In the drive-by, cars with sensors to detect roadside free spaces between parked vehicles. A parking space is found, the car enters the position in a real-time map. They can retrieve other motorists by Smartphone or navigation system and guide to the parking lot. That saves time, money, nerves and even the environment.

5. Digital fridge from Samsung will save time shopping

Pinned memory slips with magnets on the fridge? For Samsung totally out. The South Korean Group has introduced an alternative at the CES: a refrigerator with a 21.5-inch display that connect family members with their smartphones. Then, they can leave, for example, messages and photos and maintain a common calendar.

Best of Consumer Electronic Show 2016 - 3
This new fridge from Samsung has a large display on the door and is connected via Wi-Fi to the Internet and Smartphones of the family members. You can use a common Bulletin Board on display. Photo: Samsung

But that’s not all. The refrigerator detects allegedly are what foods in it and what is your expiration date. Because he is involved in Wi-Fi, can retrieve this information when shopping. For Samsung, it is also conceivable that the unit ordered online in the future new food.

Best of Consumer Electronic Show 2016 - 4
The smart fridge from Samsung is connected to the Smartphone and reports including the food, whose expiration date has been reached. Photo: Samsung

6 OLED display from LG can be rolled up like a newspaper

Also LG. ensures amazement The South Korean electronics giant introduces namely an 18-inch OLED display which can be curled up like a newspaper. Even with a radius of 30 mm, the display according to the LG is not damaged.

Best of Consumer Electronic Show 2016 - 5
LG introduces the prototypes of a display at CES, which is to roll like a newspaper. Photo: LG

Is on the market, but not so easily purged. It’s a prototype, which should – whet your appetite on future developments, for example on flexible panels for cars or bendable large displays for smart TVs. so far, LG uses similar displays in smartphones of the Flex series and Smartwatches. They are only up to a certain extent bieg – and on castors.

7 Sony and technics spoil vinyl lovers with turntables

In times of frantic digitization, more and more music lovers longing for nostalgia. It recognized even Sony. The Japanese electronics group therefore brings the HP HX500 for €500 on the market – a fairly minimalist turntable with a platter of die-cast aluminum and belt motor in may 2016. Sony with a USB port and a restoration software is bridge the gap to the digital age. Thus, music lovers can digitize your old vinyls.

Best of Consumer Electronic Show 2016
Technics brings back the cult turntable SL-1200 on the market. It is equipped with sensors which control rotation speed and vibration. Photo: Technics

Anything less and minimalist it can tackle technique. The Japanese group introduces SL-1200 G turntable of Grand class at CES, which has quite a bit on the box. He has, for example, sensors, control the speed of rotation and vibration. A processor controls against irregularities in due time.