Best 43′ 4K for CAD Engineers, Architects and Designers

Latest Philips 4K is one of this toys you buy for the rest of your life. 43 inches serves especially well to design engineers. Outstanding resolution and really fast CPU will never disappoint you.This display is for engineers looking for advance performance and clear view on details. Diagonal screen 43 inches and 4 k resolution. Meet the latest Philips monitor model-BDM4350UC. How this device works in the games and when you work?

Philips concluded that screens with diagonal 32-inches are simply too small

Hence the idea to BDM4350UC. Design of the monitor differs a bit from what we got so far this manufacturer. First of all, the company abandoned the ergonomic features. So there is no question of adjusting the height or angle of the screen.


The second thing that the BDM4350UC do not like the selection of the sensor type of glare. Glossy screen requires specific settings in the room so that the light source was behind it and to the monitor has become a matrix to the window, otherwise we will have serious problems with the quality of the image.

When it comes to color quality, as befits a matrix IPS is very well. Colour monitor is almost identical to sRGB, does not have problems with viewing angles, and the so-called. “glow IPS” in the test model way. Color saturation is alright and beats the cheesy matrix TN.

BDM4350UC 23

User experience? Work area is enormous. On the desktop is the place for everything, there will come a few browser tabs, a pair of program in which we work, and even finds room for a player of video files. Just perfect Office monitor. You just need a little time to get used to such a great screen, standing several inches from our eyes.

As it is in the games “Witcher 3″, or ‘Battlefleet: Gothic” looks great. Problems may only have fans of the FPS-s. Monitor has refresh only 60 Hz, so there are some liquidity problems. Yes in single player mode, this will not be a big problem, however is not likely to monitor duels network.

But keep in mind that to achieve 60 fps in games in 4 k resolution will require a monstrously powerful PC. My 980 Ti was enough only for 30 FPS in this resolution, in “the Witcher 3” at maximum graphics settings. No SLI or 1080 GTX don’t even come around to this resolution.

To sum up BDM4350UC is a very good monitor to the Office, or watching movies. Check also in the games. The image quality is excellent and this is another successful product from the stables. Also the price of the device so much does not deter you to pay about 3k.

Gold, which on this resolution and screen diagonal is not too exorbitant price. Strongly advised for autodesk and distrim products.