Berlin Aviation Exhibition
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Berlin Aviation Exhibition, June 4 2016

rone race with video goggles, aircraft made in 3D printer and the world’s longest commercial aircraft on Berlin Aviation Exhibition 2016. Visitors at the ILA can marvel at 2016 all from 1 June in Berlin. The international aviation and aerospace exhibition is expecting more than 200,000 visitors.

From 1 to 4 June 2016, the ILA 2016 opens its doors. The international Aviation & Aerospace exhibition in Berlin one in addition to the Parisian Porter and the Farnborough air show in England the most important trade fairs of the world. Guests are more than 1200 exhibitors from 40 countries. And they did for the visitors in their baggage:

Professional drivers organize spectacular drone race

A drone in the air is not an unusual sight finally her hobby photographers send now almost everywhere in the air. But this gets man rarely seen: the German model Aviation Association (DMFV) and the Chinese Yuneec have built a race-track at ILA. There, professional pilots fly drones racer several times a day.

The visitors may watch the races on a large screen or on video glasses as the drones with cameras are equipped. “As an official partner of the ILA 2016 we humans want to inspire and sweep away”, says DMFV CEO Frank Weigang. “The copter race is the hook for aviation technology fans and the entire family.” But beware: the fair days are only the 3rd and 4th June, the first two days are reserved for trade visitors.

Airbus shows aircraft from the 3D printer

The Airbus group shows the exhibit “Testing high-tech objectives into reality” (Thor) at ILA. What lies behind it? A 4 x 4 m is large twin-engines reconnaissance aircraft, which consists almost exclusively of components, and for the testing of new aircraft parts used.

The Laser Center North in Hamburg partner of Airbus. There, melt powdered raw materials with a laser jet printer and put it together in millimeter-thin layers for components. Thor consists of about 50 pieces, whose stability test flights have already been proven. Cost: around €20,000. 2025, all aircraft of the 3D printer could come if the industry developed larger printers.

Lufthansa shows EM flyer of the German national football team

Soon is Europe Championship in France. And that Lufthansa has come up with something suitable. The airline shows the fan Hansa winner flyer at the fair. The painted Boeing B747-8 brought the German national football team after winning the World Cup 2014 from Rio de Janeiro back.

But not alone that makes them famous. The four-engine wide-body aircraft is the world’s longest commercial aircraft 76,30 m in length.

DLR shows a replica of the Lilienthal Glider

The German Centre for aviation and Astronautics (DLR) is represented at the fair. It shows a faithfully reconstructed Lilienthal glider, considered the first Aviator of humanity in public for the first time. The DLR pays tribute to aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal, who flew 125 years ago as the first person on a plane with the replica.The DLR shows but also high-tech: the A310 zero-G, a parabolic plane that allows experiments under conditions of weightlessness during fall flights.