Beer bottles made of sugar for Tokyo Olympics 2020

The beer in bottles from PEF carbohydrate containing biomass material, will be ready for Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Planning the second largest Japanese trading house Mitsui, in partnership with the Amsterdam based chemicals technology company Avantium.

These bottles made of special composite material will be offered as an alternative to the usually used plastic bottles based on fossil fuels. Oil products as the growing waste problem is easily solved with new materials.

Improved chemical properties

The new bottles should consist of FDCA and the polymer Polyethylen (PEF). The FDCA acid produced from renewable raw materials is the most important chemical building block for PEF. In comparison to conventional plastics based on crude oil and release in the production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, is a completely new material. Basis on plant sugar plastic this mixture is easily d-composed. He is additionally characterized by a significantly improved density against carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Beer bottles made of sugar
Beer bottles made of sugar

PEF can be generated from any carbohydrate containing biomass output material such as sugar cane, agricultural residues, plants and crops. Therefore solution is carbon neutral.

Far less environmental impact and great hope for the future.

The great barrier effect against the escape of carbon dioxide and the thermal properties to improve the shelf life of the products is packaged. On the other hand, PEF excellently suitable for carbonated beverages such as lemonade and beer. It reduces the weight of the packaging as well as the amount of packaging material as a whole. PEF is generally suitable for food packaging and plastic bottles.

The advantage: According to consumption of PEF can be in 100% recycled. Beer cans in Japan’s sports stadiums are not allowed.

The background for the interest of the Japanese on this technology in terms of the 2020 summer Olympics is that at sporting events in Japan, cans and bottles for security reasons are not allowed and as usual will be served drinks often in plastic or paper cups.

Beer bottles made of sugar for Tokyo Olympics 2020
Beer bottles made of sugar for Tokyo Olympics 2020

Japan is of particular interest, as this market has an enormous variety of packaging sizes. Avantium already cooperates with Coca-Cola in the production of plant-based bottles. Mitsui has secured itself a sizable share of the output of a planned production plant by Avantium and want to work together with companies in Asia in the development of bio-based products such as food foils, containers and textiles.

BASF and Avantium want to establish joint venture

BASF and Avantium have signed a memorandum of understanding establishing a joint venture in March. This should make FDCS and market the new polymer PEF. Run the negotiations. The dowry of Avantium: developed the YXY of FDCS production methods and the pilot plant in the Dutch Geleen.