Baud Industries double productivity with simple change

Combining production, washing and measurement on a single cell which fixes its derivatives in real-time, the operator produces consistent without further control. To gain competitiveness, Baud Industries has implemented a simple idea: and not control the production back-office, the Machinist decided to the pilot, “…to control in real time show to correct any drifts immediately”, explains Renaud Baud, one of the three brothers and head of the company, responsible for the management of the industrial coördination. The company uses a cell consisting of a machine production, a system for washing and a device control is able to exchange information directly.

Named Island Usitronic, this thorough and intelligent production unit has first developed to Cetim-Ctdec, center associated with the Cetim. Other units were then created in two industrial partners of the project, including Baud Industries.

Double productivity in first testing week

The first cell installed, the company almost doubled the number of pieces produced per week in producing the night and part of the weekend. And above all, “we have reduced the rate of non-compliance of the products, since derivatives are corrected in real time. Now, an show is an available room,”says Renaud Baud.

His challenge in the future? Still working on the means of production and help employees to rise still more in competence. “The big difference that we must bring in the coming years, it is from this serve the intelligence of men in the workshop”, commented the leader.

As part of its deployment of the Government plan to SMEs within the industry Alliance of the future, the Cetim carries out videos testimony on the exemplary nature of certain experiences of SMEs. Problems, solutions implemented and results achieved there are decrypted in 3 minutes.