Back to the Future – gadgets we have today

In the 1989 published second part of “Back to the future” Marty McFly travels to the year 2015. Exact arrival date: today 21 October! The young protagonist and the confused tinkerer Doc Brown meet in a world where cars fly and hover skateboards. We have checked out for you what technical vision has become true.

“Back to the Future” – gadgets we have today

Back to the Future Gadgets

Let’s face it: The kinda unfair to the future is that it never reached them. Himself who speaks today of tomorrow, living tomorrow again only in the present. Similar to common is the fact that the only person you can look directly at the face is you. There’s at least a little comforting that both succeed Marty McFly – the young hero from back to the future.

Back to the Future

Travelling to prevent a criminal career of his children, McFly (played by Michael j. Fox) together with the inventors of Doc Brown in 1985, in which the film plays October 21, 2015. Already in the first part of the trilogy was the DeLorean that sports car with gull-wing doors Brown to the time machine had rebuilt presented Flux-Kompensator thank.

With their idea, how it could be in our today’s presence, were Steven Spielberg and Director Robert Zemeckis in points make right. In others both have mistyped hard.

Traffic and transportation from “Back to the Future”

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” With this set of quirky Doc Brown headed viewers a year 2015, where paved roads above all serve to launch and land. Cars in the air-flying just spend most of the time.

Back to the Future Gadgets

The movie makers also have typed on this point. While there are already prototypes that represent a hybrid of conventional car and be, the whole thing is not ready for the market but still long. Automaker Toyota stumbled about in search in addition to vehicles, although not really flying, but float at least a few centimeters above the road.

Back to the Future Gadgets continues…

Cars will be refuelled in the fictional year of 2015, including bio-waste such as beer, compost or other garbage. In the actual present day drive the most cars still using fossil fuels. This probably will work only is Oil carters will let go but still: there are efforts to establish ecological drives. Some gas stations in New Zealand offer a biofuel – produced beer waste yeast known as mud. The Japanese automotive industry aims to process micro-algae in large quantities for biofuel also very specifically. Already next year, its own Center of mass cultivation of plants is to be opened for this purpose.

Back to the Future GadgetsAnother Back to the Future Gadget as already in the first part of the series. McFly moves like on skateboards through the area in the sequel. Cinematic in 2015 have them but no role, but hover above the ground. Here you will reach reality and fiction is not equal to the hand, but at least the little finger.

Back to the Future

The American start-up companies Hendo has developed a hoverboard that actually works. The big but: unfortunately only if the substrate consists of a non-ferromagnetic metal such as aluminum or copper. At least four electromagnets gently lift the Board and slide it smoothly then.

In a video, the manufacturer demonstrates his pending product. In the past year, Hendo had announced regularly to try to sell the Board from today. On the company’s Web site, nothing is this opportunity yet to find. Also a PR video the noble car company of Lexus is to see a person on a hoverboard. The automaker in a further video asserts that the construction, which by the way is to remain a prototype, actually works.

Communication – we did well this one

In addition to the time traveler and young Marty McFly, the film shows also how the naturally aged version of the main character has developed in three decades: a man stressed, disjointed in the midlife crisis. As regards communication, it’s anything but backward. A large flat screen transmits moving pictures and voice his walky-talky directly in McFlys home.

Google GlassA prophetic Bullseye – Skype and similar can use.


In addition to the picture of the interlocutor in addition personal data are displayed at the bottom of the screen, including age, hobbies, address, favorite food, children… Parallels to our profiles on various social media platforms can probably hardly be denied.

Also, almost all citizens of the former future wear glasses, which make them a wide range of information before the eyes. Today, there are data glasses for a variety of purposes. To claim that they arrived in our everyday lives, would be probably wrong.

By the way: The written notice given by his irate boss the aged McFly fax. Why only believed it 26 years ago, that this achievement was so future-proof?

Clothing – we did far more to predicted

Arrived in the year 2015 Doc Brown presses a commensurate with the time footwear in the hand the young McFly once. The gray sneaker especially so well arrive at the teenager, because you must not even bind to them. The film is called “Power tabs” the technology behind it.

Back to the Future Gadget

In a number of only 1500 copies, clothing manufacturer Nike has brought shoes with similar technology in the sale. In reality, the automatic closing takes place but much less quickly than in the movie.

And what about those super jacket, whose adapt to the size of the respective carrier at your fingertips? There’s no really. But at least items of clothing, which carry a variety of sensors, are becoming more widespread.

Doc Brown to McFly: “Krempel the pockets out! All the guys in the future can hang out the pockets.” We say: Please, no!

Time travel from Back to the Future

Currently not possible! However, the physics take them at least into account. While the temporal quantum phisics theoretically existed, tiny wormholes would be more than difficult, the future leap a bit easier (of course also only theoretical).

Charlly Chaplin premiere

A thought experiment of Einstein’s saying that people who are moving with the speed of light through space for about three months, would have to determine on their return to Earth, that there about 100 years were passed.

Luckily no Hydra goal

Spielberg-Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale create technical possibilities for the authorization and identification had the right idea. The citizens of the fictional town of Hill Valley open their front doors no longer with the key, but fingerprint scanners and thumb. Also current smartphone models offer this option. The unique characteristics of a fingerprint are employed already to authenticate online banking – as a quick alternative to the PIN.

The crashing get grams of a white shark hunts a the young time traveler at the beginning of the movie a huge scare, which should – apply the eponymous cult Strip already 19th Edition. 3D television and cinema take a firm place in everydays life in real since 2015.

Holograms but not yet? Well this we have…

And yet they are possible as large – so far at least in the small version. It has already managed Japanese researchers to produce granular holograms using Ultrashort pulse lasers.

A piece of money large miniature pizza grows in the film within a few seconds on the well-known common format. For this, McFlys heavily aged mother puts the strange food slices in a device called a Hydra-Door. There is no – those machines which quasi should pump up the small pizza by quickly adding liquid (unfortunately). Somebody should look into it.

How difficult were the seemingly easiest tasks to solve in 1989, however, shows a banal example: In the film, Doc Brown speaks of “Tuesday, October 21, 2015”. As you know today is Wednesday! You can find that out 26 years ago without major troubles? Apparently not. Smartphones, which show the calendar for the year 4047 one if necessary.