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Autonomous Bus from Russia (Internet Giant Yandex)

In September on the streets of Helsinki went small, autonomous electric buses, and it turns out that over a similar solution works carried out are also further to the East in Russia. And takes care of this local Internet giant Yandex.

RTA conducts driverless vehicle test run in Dubai | ConstructionWeekOnline.com

Made it for this purpose, the cooperation with the German Dailmerem, but also Kamazem with native speakers, and support engineers are scientists from the National Research Institute US. As a result of this cooperation arise has a small, does not require the presence of bus drivers on a single charge will be able to carry 12 passengers at a distance 200 km.

They have therefore to be very similar to vehicles Easymile EZ-10 (pictured), which this month they drive after one district of Helsinki.

Russian autonomous buses to be tested on closed race tracks next year, so even a little will come to wait before they take to the streets of cities. However, you can see here a global trend, so we can prepare for it, that in a few years the buses will disappear.