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Autonomous Bus from Uber (Finland)

Since a few days the streets of Helsinki having autonomous buses (without drivers), build for transport of locals and tourists around the city. Meanwhile, Uber reported that in Pittsburgh later this month on the road will have 100 taxis without drivers for test and user experience watch.

Will this luxury SUVs Volvo XC-90, which is one of the most secure and enhance electronics of vehicles in the world. However, unlike the Finnish buses, American taxi will move at normal speed, and on all possible routes.

Cars without drivers Uber

Uber can help in this way, Volvo improve technologies autonomous vehicles, which in the future will result in an increase in road safety. We also thought about the transport of heavy loads. To this end, has recently begun working with Ford.


On the occasion of Helsinki it is worth mentioning that the city authorities want to 2025 to eliminate in private cars, to encourage residents to travel or the use of urban public transport, which for a while will become fully organic.