Austrian Migaloo Diving Yacht-Submarine

Who knows super rich yacht owners, with all the money, they joy might go to Migaloo series: the exclusive boats are not only floating luxury accommodations, but also real subs upto 450 meters deep into ocean.

Austrian Migaloo Diving Yacht-Submarine
Migaloo is to give it in different sizes. The largest version is 283 meters long and 32 meters wide.

Can really dive and enjoy the most luxurious form, the underwater world of the oceans – to satisfy this desire, there are motion code blue. Austrian Migaloo Diving Yacht-Submarine provide for exclusive yacht design has its headquarters in Graz and offers the Migaloo series for the spoiled ship owners. Migaloo luxury yachts in different sizes, which can move to the surface of the water, but also as a real submarine under water are 2, 5, 6 and 7.

Migaloo Diving Yacht is named after Albino Humpback Whale

The Austrian designer of a rare albino humpback whale have borrowed from the beautiful name for the yacht, is repeatedly sighted off the coast of Australia. Migaloo means as much as “white mate” in the language of the Australian aborigines. The yacht with the bright surface however by far is greater compared to the humpback whale.

Austrian Migaloo Diving Yacht-Submarine_
Migaloo the albino humpback whale swims south between Low Isles and Batt Reef off Port Douglas.
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The smallest version of the M2, is 72 m long and can, like the other versions are also designed according to customer requirements. For example, a restaurant with a look beneath the surface of the water for 24 to 36 guests could be included in addition to a private area. The next class would be the M5 at 135 meters long and far superior facilities. These include an apartment with 300 square meters on three levels and six VIP suites with each 65 sq m.

With special drive the submarine can dive for two weeks

Overall, the M5 can accommodate 32 people, including officers, Captain, crew members and guests. Also, there’s everything you need on a luxury yacht from the heliport, the storage space for two mini-submarines to the library, swimming pool and wellness area. Two or three days can remain the M5 under water, with a special air-independent propulsion up to two weeks.

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Foto: Code Motion Blue

The M6 as a next major version would then have a length – depending on the customer requirements – up to 160 m, before it gets really huge with the M7. Up to 283 m long and 32 m wide is the largest variant with a draught of 13.6 m. In the design the M7, reminiscent of a warship and that is no coincidence. As the designers themselves, they were inspired by the modern cruiser class, a currently under construction class of destroyers in the United States Navy.

Migaloo 7 can dive deep up to 450 m

2100 square meters, the course of M7 for their private quarters have the owner, while also still 1000 sqm available to guests. With its hybrid diesel-electric engines it brings the M7 to something over 70 km/h on and just under 40 km/h under water. The yacht submarine to can dive up to 450 m, which is enormous in comparison to modern military submarines, which can go 600 m deep.

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Foto: Code Motion Blue

Designers from Graz have also created the appropriate destination for each of the four Migaloo yachts. You have the 117-metre luxury Island Kokomo Ailand in sale, which offers the same exclusivity and even more space and more amenities.

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