Australian Drones Protect from Sharks

The Government of the Australian province of new South Wales deploys drones since a few days before its famous beaches. The missile to track sharks and by radio type alarm when they spot these predators. Then can, if necessary, promptly whole stretches of beach for swimmers blocked and hopefully avoid bloody bad accidents.

Australian Drones Warn Protect from Sharks
New task for reconnaissance drones: they used in Australia currently, to warn about sharks near the coast.

At low speed, the drones in flight follow the shoreline at a distance to the country, which is more than float away from the shore. The cameras look seaward. A shark in sight – will be visible first in the fins sticking up out of the water – the drone sounds an alarm.

The GPS-accurate indication, where the particular shark has been sighted is connected to the alarm signal to the monitoring station ashore. Based on this data, the monitoring station can initiate various measures. So all swimmers can prompts, for example, speaker, immediately to leave the sea and coming ashore. As well, it is also possible to hunt the respective shark in the escape by boat or normal helicopters.

Leading the ministry of agriculture and natural resources in Australia create drones protection unit to warn from shark attacks.

But not only on the reconnaissance drones, but on a wide range of “shark”strategies, the Ministry for agriculture and raw materials as the initiator of the use of drones has as Minister Niall Blair calls it.

Australian Drones Warn Protect from Sharks
New task for reconnaissance drones: currently they are used in Australia to warn about sharks swimming near to the coast.

Overall Australia currently – spends approximately 11 million € for shark measures at the beginning of the bath-intensive summer months in the southern hemisphere of the Earth -. The drones measure is currently still at the experimental stage.

Next step: drones alarm goes directly to lifeguard

If this system is proven and is particularly easy to use especially in everyday life, the lifeguard at the various parts of the beach should receive future directly and no longer the shark warnings from drones over the control room.

This saved staff and accelerated above all countermeasures. At the same time not larger stretches of the beach should be granted this completely but only the close range of the individual nosed shark.

Smart long-lines also in use

Shark strategies include so-called smart longlines, which swim in some distance from the beach in the water and give alarm immediately electronically, if they come up with a shark in contact. Also electronic chips can be missed sharks, the signals by special poles depending on the 4G-Mobilfunktechnik of which are captured and then passed on to the control station.

Increased number of shark attacks on swimmers

During the bathing season in Australia just to, there have been 31 already documented shark attacks on people from the beaches this year.

Numerous fatal for swimmers or divers. 2014, there were only 18 shark attacks in the entire year. This year twice as many it might be.

Not only the areas of drones are becoming more diverse. Also their construction is changing: even Jet drones are now manufactured in the 3D Printers