Aurora US Super-Secret Bomber Photographed

Whether the Americans are hiding ahead of-the-art technologies, using them to machines or weapons? One thing is certain-in a number of government establishments or work certainly bases on something big. Or it may be ultra fast bomber, reaching a speed of 12 thousand kilometers per hour?Let’s start with a mysterious place that for years was hidden from the public. 51 zone is referred to as an American military base, that was built in 1951 (the year after the start of work on the “Earth’s version of a space saucer”) for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Interestingly, until 2001, when it was George Bush only alluded to the “operational areas located near the Lake Groom” the u.s. Government claimed that the object does not exist. It was not until 12 years later CIA released a statement concerning the object. It is located in the desert near craters formed during nuclear tests.

Aurora US Super-Secret Bomber Photographed - Area51
(fot. Wikimedia Commons / Doc Searls / CC Attribution 2.0 Generic)

The complex was built. One of the longest runways in the world measuring about 9.5 km Route runs by the dried up Lake Groom. Around the year 2000 was another, 5.5 km. For comparison, runways in Berlin are upto 3.6-4.0 km long. However, one of the longest runways which are located in civilian airports Paris on Charles de Gaulle 4.2 km airport.

Aviation over airspace and around the base is one of the closest and best kept the areas throughout the USA and worldwide. It is said that the area is more or less as much as the area occupied by Switzerland (over 40 000 square km).

Fastest jet in the world travels at a known faster than sound speed at 13,000 miles per hour. That’s the power of the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 believe it or not it was first launched in April 2010! There were already planes in development that kept breaking further past the sound barrier than others. Later (August 2011 launched the Falcon HTV-2 on another flight, still proving this jet’s pretty much the best in the world.

Aurora US Super-Secret Bomber Photographed-1
Aurora US Super-Secret Bomber Photographed

Also carried out a study of the technology and weapons produced for the “iron curtain”, acquired in a few different ways by the Americans including MiG planes.

You would think that the topic “mysterious” Area 51 all has been said, but the number of conspiracy theories about what Americans are testing on desert areas probably longer than the list of employees of the U.S. Government. According to proponents of the theory of conspiracy theories and UFO believers in S51 (the official name of the object is the Air Force Flight Test Center Detachment 3) detain extraterrestrials conducts research on them, intersects with people and so on, and so on.

In the same zone 51 reportedly was also hypersonic aircraft Aurora reaching a speed value has gone through sound (for the record, this is about 340 m/s, which is 1225 km/h). The u.s. Government has according to rumors have up to 30 pieces of Jewels, each of which cost $ 8 billion (30 x 8 = 240 billion dollars, or almost … one trillion dollars). This apparently Americans are working on energy weapons manipulating weather and even time travel.

Well, human imagination knows no bounds, but so far nothing is-and is not-officially confirmed, we will not analyze in detail these speculations. Returning to the same super plane Aurora. Its existence to explain not only analysts or semi-witnesses.

Above you can see a cloud of condensed water vapor formed during the flight of the aircraft at a speed close to the speed of sound. Sonic boom is the result of an accompanying acoustic shock wave propagation appearing after expanding. It is produced by an object moving with supersonic, explosion or lightning. Importantly prerequisite for the formation of an oblique impact waves radiating from a distance of many kilometers away from the flying object its speed is in excess of the sound. The widespread opinion that Thunder is caused by its passing, and its source is “flown sound barrier” is completely wrong. Already been at speeds less than the speed of sound (but after crossing the critical Mach number) appear in the immediate vicinity of the object, and the shock waves the plane falls within the range of speeds commonly said to be the “sound barrier”. However, you should bear in mind the fact that without exceeding the speed of sound waves are weak and do not reach out to greater distances.

The exact definition of a sound of Thunder is necessary to understand what happened (according to some still happens) in California and Nevada. Both the United States lie in the area described at the beginning of the 51 Zone-a place where supposedly formed of her. Semi-witnesses believe that every now and then you hear the sonic booms in the region is high-strength sound enforcement is the fact that the Aurora is able to achieve really high speeds even several times in excess of the value of the speed of sound. “Boom” caused by aircraft has to be clearly “can be heard and felt”. According to the sources, says that Aurora develops speed up to 12 thousand km/h! It’s hard to imagine it, and what to believe. However, it should be borne in mind that this is only a presumption and speculation. This speed is sufficient to allow 30 minutes to overcome the distance between Warsaw and New York City is so easy to imagine that when you reach maximum speed there is not the slightest chance that such an object at all.

Researchers (or proponents of conspiracy theories),use as evidence of the existence of the plane which can develop as a huge speed (conventionally named Aurora) submit photos where you can see the very unusual, peculiar clouds that can form just for this.