Astronomer spotted on the Moon strange structure

The availability of a pretty good class optical equipment causes, that even amateurs can carry out astronomical observations at a decent level. Sometimes manages to get such a huge amount of details of the Moon’s surface that you can discover interesting things-for example, something that looks like ancient ruins.

Just something he spotted (or so he claims) astronomer, John Lenard Watson of the United States. Amazing photos have managed to do with the 16 inch telescope. The originals are 4 k resolution, but due to weather disruption is not sufficient to obtain the perfect images.

Whether this can be traced to traces of an ancient civilization?

Astronomers in these situations, the method of collection as a large amount of film material, which is then processed using special software in order to draw sharp shots. This method is called stack-image such a way was obtained photos of the surface of the Moon showing strange structure. Among the strange shapes, which managed to extract objects that are pretty funny. reminiscent of the great dog head, but there are also some regular anomaly, which can be hard to explain.

Astronomer spotted on the Moon strange structure